Hasbro Furby Connect

Right now the stores are revving up for Christmas, and there are a lot of cool and exciting toys on the market and lining the shelves. Most of them are on my family’s wish list. The first name that I look to is Hasbro. They are the leaders when it comes to creating innovative and fun-loving toys and games for kids of all ages. This year Furby Connect is a big hit and everyone wants one.

Furby Connect is one of the most interactive toys on the market. Furby is a plush toy that responds naturally to every action and sound you make. Furby comes with a sleeping mask and an instruction manual. The box also has colorful graphics that shares insights about Furby.

Furby Connect

Furby is a truly interactive toy; the ears move up and down, the antenna moves around, the body sways from side to side, and the eyes and mouth open and close. This adorable Furby talks, giggles, sings, burps, and expresses with more than 150 colorful eye animations.

When you put the sleep mask on, it will add pressure to the button between the eyes and put the Furby to sleep. Furby has a tickle spot on its tummy and a pet spot on the back. He has cute two-toned spats rubber feet and a battery compartment which requires a screwdriver, so they’re safe from kids, under Furby.

Furby Connect

The wake Furby up, remove the mask, or move the antenna on top of its head. Once he’s awake, the interactive fun begins. You can talk to him and he’ll respond with appropriate answers. You can put your finger in its mouth, and he’ll react with phrases like; food goes here, or organic. Move his antenna, and it will change colors and create cool sounds. If you shake him or turn him upside down, he’ll react with lots of cute and funny phrases. Tickle him, and he’ll giggle. Pet him, and he’ll purr and tell you it feels lovely. Hold him, and he’ll love the warmth of your hands. If you play music, he’ll dance and sing along.

Furby Connect

Okay, the coolest part is pulling Furby’s tail; he’ll release a symphony of farts. He’ll say, ‘wait for it,’ and then fart, and then say ‘ that was a good one.’ The kids can’t get enough of this silly action. When you and Furby have had enough, just put the sleep mask on and he’ll respond with ‘power nap,’ and start snoring.

The Furby Connect has an abundance of reactions, and he can get periodic updates when you connect to the Furby Connect World App. With fresh and fascinating content, kids can explore a whole new Furby world by engaging in interactive opportunities. Here are some fun actions and options:

The Furby Connect friend loves to talk and has plenty to say! Even when speaking in Furbish, he’s saying purchase me before stock runs out. Furby comes in several colors and is available at your local toy store, big-box store, or pick one up online.

  Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.