Hasbro Lost Kitties Collection


Hasbro New Lost Kitties Collection!

Hasbro has done it again. They’re big kids at heart and they love to play with cute and fun toys. And they’re always creating new games and playthings for kids of all ages. A few months ago I shared a sneak peek at the new Lost Kitties Collection from Hasbro and kids are adoring them. The kitties come in special cartons that kids have to unbox and dig through several layers to find their lost kittie. It’s so exciting!

Who doesn’t love the silly antics of cats? Kitties are naturally playful, sneaky, get into everything, crawl in bags, boxes, and cubbyholes and they love to hide. The Lost Kitties are no different. They’re mischievous little kitties with minds of their own and crazy-curious cat instincts. They’re adventurous, unpredictable, and always up to something!

When you first crack open a carton, you’re met with an interesting earth or cream-colored pliable putty with a cool Aztec looking pattern pressed on top. It’s fun to watch a child’s reaction — they didn’t know what to expect when they opened a carton, but they definitely did not see that coming. Kids are going to have to dig their fingers into the putty to make more discoveries. The putty is like a shaping compound – it’s soft, smooth, and supple and it’s good at hiding secrets. Kids can reuse this pliant dough over and over to make cool things for the kitties, so don’t toss it out!!

The kids enjoyed digging through the putty, and here is what the found. There are a kittie sticker, 2 food item accessories, and a blue pouch with a lost kittie figure inside. The excitement just deepens.

The Reveal

Inside the plastic wrapper is an adorable little blue kittie who is trying to shove a drumstick into his mouth – he must be really hungry! His name is Tummy Tum and he is from the Catitude Squad. There are eight different squads with their own unique personality in Series 1 and each has several collectible kitties figures. You can collect all 36 Lost Kitties during 2018! I can’t wait to see what Lost Kitties will be out in Series 2 next year! Below is the collector’s guide.

You can collect all 36 Lost Kitties during 2018!

The Lost Kitties figures are endearing and kids just naturally resonate with cute kitties. Each kittie is a rascal and has its own charm and charisma. The pieces are fairly small, so they’re recommended for kids ages 5+ and they retail for $5.99 each. Notice to parents: Contains wheat. Nontoxic. They’re great fun and the kiddos are eager to collect them all!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a post. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.