Hasbro PreSchool Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe it’s autumn, and I’m already getting into the holiday spirit. If you’re like me, you like to ponder and shop while the supplies are available in abundant quantities. Shopping for kids of all ages can be a little exasperating with the deluge of toys on the market. The first place I like to check out is Hasbro’s website. The name Hasbro is synonymous with toys, games, puzzles, and all that is fun and exciting.

Hasbro has created toys that go beyond the natural amusement and excitement when kids play with them. They know how to make learning a fun experience as well. When I look for a gift for a child, I want them to not only love the toy but also gain a motor, problem-solving, and/or thinking skill. I want them to be inspired, be creative, and let their imagination run as wild as possible. Hasbro toys and games are very engaging visually, physically, and educationally. I’d love to share a few gift ideas for the preschoolers in your families.

What child doesn’t love Sesame Street and their beloved characters? Hasbro offers a fabulous selection of Sesame Street themed toys and games. Let’s Imagine Elmo is one of the new toys for 2014.

Let’s Imagine Elmo

Let's Imagine Elmo toy

This clever 13-inch toy is all about using our imaginations. There are three different modes of interactive play; each is different and reflective on which hat Elmo is wearing. There is a small space between his eyes where the connectors from each hat fit in perfectly. When you first turn Elmo on, your child will be prompted and encouraged to choose any hat. When Elmo wears the crown, toddlers will be prompted to perform specific activities, like squeezing Elmo’s nose a certain number of times or tickling his tummy. When they are successful, Elmo will say ‘you did it.’

The cowboy hat will have Elmo and your kiddo’s counting up or down to 20. The sailor hat will have Elmo and the whole family singing cheerful seafaring songs and playing games where the kids will be asked to identify the sounds of the sea. The kiddos absolutely adore Let’s Imagine Elmo and really enjoy all the activities available with this toy. It’s a winner.

Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat! Ahoy Mateys!!

Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat

Elmo is sailing the deep blue on his S.S. Sesame sailing vessel. This plastic boat is 5 toys in 1 and is all about having fun in the tub or pool. Captain Elmo is a soft rubber toy that stands at the helm and can squirt water. The smokestack has small perforated holes on top so it can be removed and used to create rain. The blue cabin comes off and can be used as a pail for scooping and pouring water. The paddle wheel can be removed and suctioned to the side of the tub so your child can spin and tread water. Bath time is so much fun with Elmo and his steamboat; it has lots of moving or removable pieces, and it’s a big hit in our home.

Every child loves a big cuddly hug. The Playskool Sesame Street Hugs Forever Friends are the perfect toy to snuggle and comfort them. A lot of the stuffed toys on the market are huge and overwhelming. Hasbro offers the adorable Sesame Street character in 9 inch stuffed figures, just the right size for a hug.

Playskool Sesame Street Hugs Forever Friends

These cute characters really hug. Their arms are spring-loaded, so they hang onto whatever you attached them too. Hang them on your arm, the bedpost, a car seat, a stroller, a lamp, wow, the possibilities are endless. The figures are uber soft and beautifully made. We really love these precious little huggable toys. We’ve decided that all the preschoolers in our family are going to get one of these Hugs Forever Friends in the Christmas stocking this year. What a perfect gift! All these toys are available at most toy retailers North America wide!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.