Hasbro Zoops Electronic Wacky Animals

When you mention the name Hasbro to children, their ears will perk up and they’ll beam a huge smile. They recognize Hasbro is synonymous with toys, games and all things fun. Kids are always wide-eyed and eager to test drive and play with new Hasbro toys. They get excited and entranced when toys talk, walk, sing, wiggle or bolt across the room. Action and interactive toys are always a big hit, which is why the new Hasbro Zoops Electronic Wacky Animals are playtime favorites for kids ages 5 and up.

Zoops Wacky Animals

Zoops toys

The Zoops Electronic animals are toys with a free spirit and a show-off attitude. They’re super busy and love to climb, twist, flip and zoom! They’re lots of fun and you just can’t keep up with them. The collection includes ten different characters, each with their own accessories. There is a sloth, rainbow unicorn, pink unicorn, turtle, koala, cockatoo, polar bear, penguin, clownfish, and a snake.

Each Zoop animal comes with an adorable character, a coil, a ball, 5 foam treats and an instruction sheet. In the Zoops we received, we consistently only found 4 foam treats with each toy, not 5. Some assembling is required, but it’s super easy. There is a clip on the animal that snaps into the socket of the coil on both sides. They pull apart easily if you want to change colors or join two characters.

Zoop and accessories

The accompanying ball has a nice rubbery texture and actually opens up so you can store the foam treats inside. To activate the Zoops, press the button on top of its head and watch them go. They zoom around, do wacky moves, pick up treats and play ball. Just put the ball or treats in front of them and watch them snatch everything up. They can also flip around and retrace their steps. Watch them swoop, whoop, loop, scoop, group and scoot.

Kids can wear the Zoops on their wrist and have a blast as they climb up their arm. You can also join a few together to make a large ring or interlock coils. Kids will have endless fun zooming with the Zoops! Inside out, upside down, watch them twist about! Zoops there it is!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.