Healing Crystal Books

Today, many are striving to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They changed their approach to living by eating nutritious foods, exercising, and embracing naturopathic and new-age ideals to healing. Energy medicine is no longer a strange word or concept for most of us. There is an abundance of healing modalities that span the globe, all with the intent of helping us healing quantumly, holistically, energetically, and vibrationally. They usually encompass the whole mind, body and spirit collectively so we can bring our body back into balance. And all of these modalities can be enhanced and expanded with healing tools like crystals.

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and have different attributes and vibrational characteristics. Their varieties are immense. You can get them in raw form, geodes, and tumbled. They can be found in Merkaba, orb, heart, wand, cube, pyramid, and numerous other shapes. Like many, I’ve been fascinated with crystals and always wanted to expand my knowledge and learn how to use them effectively. I recently added three new crystal titles to my metaphysical library and they are rich in practical wisdom and uses. Whether you are well-versed, deeply interested, or just curious, these books are great resources.

Crystal Rhythms

Crystal Rhythms

Crystal Rhythms, Exploring the Energy Potentials of Crystals & Stones is a reference guide to 80 crystals and gemstones. You will glean insight into the Earth power each of these precious stones and crystals offers. This book also shares how each person has their own bioelectrical rhythm and hones in on how to find crystals or stones that work in harmony with our personal rhythm. When that happens, you will experience the exchange of beneficial energy from that crystal. It’s the slight variation of frequency that makes all the difference in the world in how you will benefit when using certain crystals and stones.

People have used these precious gems for a variety of reasons including protection, luck, alleviate stress, improve creativity, clear and charge chakras, meditation, creating a grid, repel negative energy, enhance intuition and so many more. In this guide, you’ll also learn how to cleanse, smudge, and program your crystals, and various healing techniques.

The color of each crystal is also significant and you’ll learn what they are best used for. Then you’ll dive into the 80 crystals and discover their innate qualities and how to use them effectively in your daily life. You may be familiar with many of the crystals and introduced to several new ones. Charoite is linked to the 3rd Eye and Crown chakra and can be used for spiritual cleansing. Have you heard of Vesuvianite? As the name implies, it was found near Mount Vesuvius. One use is to clear negative vibrations from your auric field. Crystal Rhythms is great for experienced or newbie crystal users.

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals Ultimate Guide to Over 120 Crystals and Gemstones is one of the best-detailed resources I’ve seen. It shares all the deepest secrets about each of the crystals. Here is what you will glean about each crystal.

The properties of each stone are divided into more details that include Type, Color, Zodiac sign, Planet, Element, Candle color, Guardian angel, Chakra, Herbs, Incense, Oils, Flowers and Associated Crystals. I thought it was interesting the number of ways different crystals are recharged. Some are recharged in sunlight or starlight, while others are smudged, rinsed with cold water, or left out in light rain. You’ll also discover how to use each crystal effectively for cleansing, clearing, decision-making, protection from EMFs, and resisting negative earth energies. It’s an awesome resource!

The Crystal Witch

The Crystal Witch

The Crystal Witch, The Magical Way to Calm and Heal The Body, Mind and Spirit will introduce you to the basics of Wicca and crystal. There are a lot of negative undertones associated with witchcraft and for good reason. The bottom line is you will attract whatever your intentions are. This book is all about healing and the beneficial and practical combinations of Wicca, and its use of crystals.

Crystals embody magick and are hopelessly captivating and enchanting. We love their look, their energy, and their properties. The onset of the book shares insight into manmade crystals, making an altar and workspace, altar cloths, and candles, and pentacles.

You’ll learn about candle colors and how they differ in intentions and themes. For example, Silver boosts psychic abilities and intuition and decreases any negative energy in the mind and environment. Plus you will extract knowledge about the elements and how crystal magick works. You’ll also learn how to care for, clean, clear, and empower your crystals so they are ready for magick. And you’ll discover the top 20 essential crystals to have in your toolkit and what they are best used for.

The A-Z Crystal Guide is vast. There will no doubt be many crystals you’ve never heard of before. Ever hear of Goshenite? It’s used for spells for communication with angels, spirits, and spirit guides. Stichtite is helpful with any kind of ritual involving forgiveness. Taaffeite can inspire the mind and create original thinking. I was introduced to so many new stones and I want them all.

The book continues with a reference guide on stones grouped by purpose. I found this immensely useful and beneficial. Then you can dive into Everyday Crystal Spells. Each spell shares what material you’ll need, the mantra, and how to perform the ritual. Plus, there are lots of information pop-ups sprinkled throughout the book that shares more insight into a specific crystal. If you feel this is your path, then The Crystal Witch will be a beacon of light.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.