Healing with Raw Foods

We are what we eat! We’ve heard this said time and time again, but I wonder if people realize the impact of these words. Our bodies use food for building, repairing, and cell maintenance. It’s also the fuel that keeps us active and alert. With these key insights, it really does matter what we put into our bodies. Cooked and processed foods are void of vital nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. We might get away with this kind of diet for a few decades, but it will catch up with us in the end.

So, what kind of foods and diet are optimal? A Raw Diet is a new book that will assist you on this path of well being. Healing with Raw Foods: Your Guide To Unlocking Vibrant Health Through Living Cuisine is a beautiful resource to the raw lifestyle.

Healing with Raw Foods

Switching to a new way of eating is not easy, and many have quit because they didn’t have good guidelines and knowledge of the raw lifestyle fundamentals. Healing with Raw Foods cheerfully walks you through what the foundational foods are and what dietary practices are necessary to propel your health to a new and thrilling level. The goal of this book is to help you understand the significance and huge impact a living foods diet will have on your journey to wellness.

Part I gets you, your kitchen and pantry ready for success. It explains how the energy and vibration of raw organic foods affect your body from head to toe. As you understand this, you’ll refine your diet to include the healing foods your body needs. I loved Chapter 3; it offers a few basic recipes for health seekers to dip their toes in and incorporate into their diet gently. Some of us can dive right in and not look back, others may need to take baby steps.

Part II deals with all the systems in our body and how raw foods affect each of them positively. Foods are used as preventative medicine and there is a feature chart that shows what foods are alkaline and acidic in our bodies. There are lots of delicious and colorful recipes included in this section. They are potent and filled with dense nutrition to amp up the healing process. They’re easy to make and so satisfying. Some recipes will require a dehydrator. I love the Butternut Squash and Onion Crackers recipe, it’s tangy and filling.

Part III is about sharing this vibrant lifestyle with your family and friends. It also has a few more dessert recipes that are quite addictive. This book offers clear and easy to understand instructions and suggestions to make this transition smooth, stress-free, and effortless. The author provides a reason and explanation as to why and how raw foods affect us as a whole. Once you read and grasp this, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for raw foods. There are also a few affirmations included to put you in the right frame of mind. I enjoyed reading and trying out some of the recipes. It’s ideal for the newbie, but also a nice for a seasoned raw foodist.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.