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Healthy Hair with iYura

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Vanity has nothing to do with wanting a healthy head of hair. Our hair is our crowning glory and it’s one of the first things people notice about us. We will do anything to keep our follicles fit, flourishing and fashionable. Prevention is key and there are numerous factors that affect our hair health and growth. Aside from diet, another major player that can determine how lovely our locks are our hair care products. If you are not using quality organic hair products like those from iYura, you could be doing more harm than good.

Regardless of gender, at no age do we want to see our hair thinning or suffer complete hair loss.

Hair products with harsh chemicals, toxin ingredients, alcohols, and strong perfumes can leave us with an unmanageable, mangy, muppet mane. Ever see people with stuffed toy hair? The negative results are compounded as we age. Thankfully, iYura has several hair solutions that will leave our hair, healthy, nourished, and glowing.

Saromyas Hair Elixir

The iYura Saromyas Hair Elixir is a vegan formula made with conscious ingredients like licorice, Bhringraj, turmeric, and 10 other ayurvedic herbs. It offers you the clarifying, balancing, and moisture-rich attributes of ayurvedic oils. All iYura products are free of chemicals, parabens, and mineral oil. Plus, they are cruelty-free.

* great for dehydrated scalp or dry hair
* have an uneven, rough and bumpy scalp
* want to improve the health of your scalp and hair 
* have an imbalance of greasiness and dryness

Rukshadi Nectar

The iYura Rukshadi Dry Hair and Scalp Nectar provide us with intense and luxurious Ayurvedic ingredients to cleanse and moisturize. Made from the perfect combination of 8 potent herbs, 2 virgin oils, and 3 essential oils, collectively they will nourish and soothe agitated scalps and smooth frazzled shafts.

With a 9-minute hair care ritual, you can start to see amazing results. 

1. This carefully infused vegan formula will soothe your dry scalp and revive your frazzled hair.

2. Will add an intense nourishment boost to your hair shaft.

3. A single Nectar-Application-Ritual will clean and moisturize both your scalp and hair.

4. Experience the power of 8 potent herbs — cooked in cold-pressed, virgin sesame and coconut oil following the traditional Ayurvedic procedure.

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