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Our feet are our sole mates! There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for us. We put them through a lot; they bear our weight and carry us through all kinds of terrain day in and day out. If our feet are in discomfort, it will affect our mind, body, and spirit collectively. There’s nothing like sore feet to bring on a bad mood. It only makes sense to wear stable and comfortable shoes; it’s a way of saying thank you to our tootsies. I’m the type of person that will get cranky if my feet hurt, so I’m always on the lookout for comfy shoes. A fabulous brand called Hoka One One was brought to my attention recently. Their goal is to create footwear that offers maximum comfort and superior protection. I had to check them out.

Hoka One One, pronounced Hoka Onay Onay, carries trail and road shoes for both men and women. They’re recognized nationwide for their unique designs and awesome ride. Hubby got to test drive their Constant runner, which is a new model for 2015. It was created for people like me and hubby who need stability and full support. He really likes their edgy look and all their amazing features.

Hoka one one Constant


*Offset: 4mm
*Heel: 30mm
*Forefoot: 26mm

*10.7 oz.


The Hoka One One shoes feature a neat technology using their signature RMAT plus EVA materials. The RMAT is a new foam compound that offers rebound, grip and durability. I personally like having that spongy bounce when I walk or run, and the Constant did not disappoint.

hoka 11

    • Lycra Comfort Frame Upper
    • Asymmetric Lacing for Reduced Tongue Pressure
    • TPU External Heel Counter Provides Support
    • Late-stage Meta-Rocker Provides Forefoot Stability
    • Oversize Active Foot Frame for Maximum Tuned Stability
    • EVA Midsole Provides Signature HOKA Cushioning
    • Flat Waisted Geometry Provides Inherent Stability
    • RMAT® High-Rebound Cushioning
    • Strategic Rubber Placement Provides Durability

So what makes the Constants so special? First, they have a wider and generous toe box so it can accommodate a variety of foot shapes. Many of my family members including myself have narrow feet but square toes, so we endure lots of friction and chaffing. Often this will cut short our walk or run, so we’re delighted with this feature.

The Constant also offers a maximally padded midsole, thicker heel cup, and a nice blend of RMAT and EVA. The results is a shoe that’s super comfortable and offer you a responsive and cushioned ride. It also means a secure and confident landing with lots of shock absorption. The late-stage meta-rocker provides stability in the forefoot and propels your forward. No one in my family has ever experienced a runner with such a unique sole; seriously, your feet literally sink into the shoes.

Hoka one one 11

The upper does not have a floppy tongue per se, instead, they’ve taken the sidewall material and wrapped it across the bridge of the foot. This reduces the pressure on top of the foot, adds stability and doubles as a tongue. We thought the material would bunch and cause friction, but its sock-like fit stayed securely in place and was quite comfortable. Hubby’s had shoes where he needed the laces tight in order to keep the tongue in place, it’s painful and so not cool!

Hoka sole

Some thought went into the outer sole as well. Hoka added rubber placements strategically to provide durability on high wear areas as shown in green. The rubber is thick, solid, durable and seem to wear forever.

hoka laces

The Constants feature the burrito style lacing which provides a pressure-free zone for the tops of your feet. This is a new experience for me as well. We’ve had many shoes that feel like their squeezing the plasma out of your feet, so this was a really nice surprise, hubby really enjoyed this attribute. The Lycra overlay keeps the foot secure and adds a sleek look to the shoe. It comes with two removable insoles, the Ortholite Insole for a more comfy fit for wider or higher volume feet, and the Molded EVA for the average foot. You can use one or the other, or both together, or you can also use your own prescription orthotics.

Many of us are not really interested in the mechanics of the design; we just want our feet to be happy. The Constant lives up to its promises. The comfort level is supreme, stability is stellar, and the ride is one of the smoothest yet. They navigated easily and smoothly on the road and even on groomed or untouched trails. Uneven surfaces were also manageable without twisting or spraining an ankle because of the wide foot design. They are also great for everyday use, from shopping to working around the yard. Although they are almost 11 ounces, they still felt incredibly lightweight. There’s no real venting on the shoes, so if you’re running on a super hot day your feet may get sweaty. All in all, they are amazing! Hubby was impressed and highly recommends them.

The design is thoughtful and accommodates so many feet types. I wish we knew about the Hoka brand ages ago. If you’re looking for durability yet complacent feet, then the Hoka Constants will check all the boxes. School is only a month away, and you might want to consider this brand for your kiddos.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


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