Holiday shopping can be stressful and exhausting, and this year it’s compounded with Covid health issues and social restrictions. Often time we’re not sure what to buy or where to find gifts that would make a difference in our friends and family’s lives. Here’s a list of some awesome gift ideas I’ve compiled for this holiday season. Happy Holiday Shopping!

The Warm Buddy Large Tan Labrador stands 18″ tall. He has super soft beige fur with floppy ears, tail, plush nose and embroidered eyes. This Lab comes with a removable heat pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer as desired.

The Small Kitten is every cat lover’s favorite Warm Buddy! Created from soft black fur with an embroidered “Warm Buddy” on the paw. This Kitten stands 14″ tall.

Cariloha Weighted Blanket

Turn achy, sleepless nights into soothing, rejuvenating sleep with Cariloha’s new Weighted Bamboo Blanket. Place it on your lap, shoulders, neck, back, legs, or over your full body to improve comfort, relaxation and healing

Deliciously plush and comfortable, these Cariloha Knit Bamboo Throws feature a cozy Sherpa fabric on the reverse side of our popular knit bamboo yarn, giving you the plushest, comfiest throw blanket you’ve ever felt.

Elegant satin trims the edges of this Cariloha Brushed, Fleece Blanket that adds enviable richness to your bedroom décor. It instantly elevates the sophistication and comfort of your bedroom.

Indulge in a one-of-a-kind Cariloha Duvet Comforter with an interior and exterior made entirely of viscose from bamboo. It’s luxury softness at its finest featuring an all-season, all-weather weight.

The Haflinger Lemmi Lambskin Slippers fit comfortably and keep your feet all snuggly warm up to the ankles. During the cold season, the wool fibers act as natural insulation. In mild temperatures, the fur acts as a natural air conditioning system and ensures a pleasant feeling without heat accumulation. The fur simply wicks away the excess moisture. 

The Grizzly Cuoricino Felt Slippers are not only attractive with their timeless design, they also give your feet a cozy warmth thanks to the high-quality felt made of pure new wool. Your feet stay comfortable without any heat build-up. They’re perfect for those bitterly cold winter days.

Haflinger Everest Slippers is appealing with its simple and restrained design. The slippers consist of a single-colored pure wool felt that keeps your feet at a comfortable temperature. Plus, the footbed combined with the stable rubber sole ensures stability. Non-slip, flexible and shows no weaknesses even in moisture. They’re perfect for dad or the important guys in your life.

The Calm Carrier by Van Ness is the innovative carrier that pet owners have been waiting for! Designed to reduce the fear, anxiety and stress associated with pet travel, specifically, the loading and unloading of an apprehensive pet, the Calm Carrier is the best pet travel carrier to hit the market in years. Give yourself and your pet the gift of calm. Van Ness Pets, The Best for Your Best Friend.

Let cuddle time continue with your best friend with the help of PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps. Whether it’s for your pup or kitty who isn’t quite tall enough to reach the bed or couch, or if you want to help protect their joints these pet stairs give your furry friend the freedom to get on and off furniture all by themselves. These lightweight , strong and durable folding steps come in two sizes and two colors and are suited for small or medium dogs and cats. The fabric covers, side rails and non-skid feed allow your pets to confidently walk up and down without sliding or wobbling. Between snuggle sessions, you can conveniently store the collapsible pet steps by folding them flat and sliding them under a piece of furniture.


The Peek-a-Bird Electronic Cat toy comes with two play modes, one-time-play or play-all day to keep your cat engaged and entertained throughout the day. It has two different openings and a feather teaser that will randomly peek out and flutter before disappearing, designed to keep your cat entertained and on the hunt, it provides a great distraction from destructive behavior and can withstand pouncing and play from all cat breeds and ages.

Let your kitty pounce and play all day, even when you’re away. The Dancing Dot Laser Cat toy features a Certified Class 1 laser that is completely safe for your cats and has two play mode options and a random, moving laser display that will keep your cat healthy and active throughout the day. You can choose from the One-Time-Play mode which turns the toy on for 15 minutes and Play-All-Day mode which turns the toy on for 15-minute intervals every 2 hours. You can place it on any elevated flat surface or doorknob allowing you to adjust the position each day to keep your cat challenged and engaged during playtime. 

PENSILLY is the super, silly drawing and guessing game! It takes creativity, teamwork, and imagination to play! Grab your friends, select your cards, and sketch out the clues. The team that collects the most points, WINS! But it’s not that simple, you see, PENSILLY™ makes drawing CRAZY! It shakes and moves as you sketch out the clues. There are over 5,500 clue combinations with 2 Levels of play! Are you ready for the challenge? 

The Laser Peg Aircraft lets kids assemble four of your own different aircrafts from this one set! Choose which one you want to build first: the SR-71, the Aurora, the Transatmospheric Fighter, or the Space Shuttle. Fly through the sky and into space in no time with these aircrafts!

The Laser Pergs Formula Racer will let your kids take the drivers seat and build four different race car models from this one set! Choose which one you want to assemble first: the Formula Racer, the Rally Car, the Rat Rod, or the Vintage Racer. Race your way to the finish line with each car you assemble! Vroom!

The Laser Pegs Chicken and Rooster will bring the Farm to your living room! Create your very own light-up chicken and rooster with this set. Don’t forget to build your nest for this chicken coop!