Holiday Reading Storybooks

‘Tis the season for some new children’s holiday-inspired storybooks. It’s a special and magical feeling when kids crack open a fresh new story about the wonderful things and festivities that happen only during the frosty months. The storybooks are enchanting, timeless and pump you full of the holiday spirit. Here are three new storybooks that are destined to become holiday favorites.

Construction Site on Christmas Night

Construction Site on Christmas Night is a heartwarming storybook about showing appreciation. The story is written in rhymes and has a nice bouncy flow that’s fun and kids love. A determined group of construction equipment works very hard to finish the last job of the year. A Bulldozer, Crane, Excavator, Dump Truck, and Cement Mixer are working full throttle, so they dig, they plow, the mix and clear the way. Vroom, zoom! They built a special home for town’s new Fire Crew. And as they finish for the day, a special surprise is waiting for them. We loved the story. The pictures are colorful and tell the story. The touching illustrations evoked a lot of emotion from the little kids in my family. We’re happy it’s part of our family library.

Princess Snowbelle

Princess Snowbelle and the Snow Games is another heartwarming story about competition and friendship. It’s the Snow Games and Snowbelle and her brothers are waiting for the other entrants to arrive from the neighboring kingdom of Snowland. Basically, it’s two families competing against each other in various winter sports. In the end, they really like each other and would rather do things together than compete. The illustrations are absolutely charming and whimsical. The characters are so pretty and the kingdom enchanting. It’s a wonderful winter story with a delightful ending.

Tallulah’s Ice Skates

This endearing storybook is about Tallulah and her friend Kacie. They both take ballet and tap lessons and their lessons are finally over. Now that the lake froze, they were both looking forward to some serious skating. After all, skating is like dancing and they were both good at that, so it should be a breeze, right? With just a little practice they are going to become Super Skaters. Secret Code: Frosty

Both girls practice some simple moves at first,  then they try a more difficult move, but Kacie can’t do it well. She wants to continue with the bunny hops, but Tallulah is more adventurous so she goes to the other end of the lake to practice her twirls. A skater boy points out her error, but she does it her way and has an embarrassing result. Tallulah then appreciates that it’s far more important to have fun with her best friend than worry about being a Super Skater… for now anyway. This book offers a great moral for kids of all ages.

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.