Safe With Master Lock #HolidayGiftGuide

Ah, the Holiday season! It’s the cozy yet festive time of year when we can get together with friends and family, perhaps some of which we may not have seen in ages. Usually, that means someone has to travel whether it be by train, plane, or automobile. I’ve spent many Christmas holidays flying to various destinations and this year will be no different.

I’ve been using the same old luggage locks for several years but last year I actually had an issue with them. Apparently, luggage locks must be TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved. If they are not, they will cut them off if you do not provide the key so they can inspect your luggage. This happened to me last year while I was in Chicago and it taught me a lesson that not all locks are equal. This being said I had to look for a quality lock that was TSA approved. My first thought was Master Lock.

Master Lock is recognized as the leader in providing high-quality locks for your home, office, school and even for travel. When I travel I usually have one or two pieces of luggage as well as a carry-on bag. I always take my laptop with me as airports are chronically boring and the time between flights is usually a couple of hours. Master Lock happens to carry a trusty and reliable laptop lock.

The Storage Security 2120DWD lock is ideal for any laptops, netbooks, or monitors. This futuristic-looking lock is lightweight and so incredibly easy to use. It uses four letters to create a word or code combination so you literally have up to 10,000 possibilities. When you’ve created your combination you press the set button and you’re ready to go. This lock has a contrasting vivid red viewing window so it’s very easy to read the letters. The letters turn nice and smooth and you can get your combo word quite quickly. To use this lock, first, you loop and wrap the coil around a stationary object and then inserted into your laptop’s lock slot. Its small teeth will lock securely into your laptop. They also provide spacers that reduce the space between your laptop and the lock if needed. Great product!

For my baggage this year I will be donning the stylish Luggage Lock 4688D. First and importantly it’s TSA approved. This svelt beauty is sturdy enough to handle the bumps and blows from a standard plane ride. It’s a lot heavier than the crummy little useless lock I was using before. It has a three-dial combination that’s very easy to set and reset if you need to. I really like that the loop of the lock is large. Sometimes I like to take two zipper pulls and lock them together for extra safety. The lock comes in four nice basic colors, red, black, blue and grey and would look lovely with any hue or shade of luggage. It’s a super lock and I feel confident using it this hectic holiday season.

Another great lock that would be handy around the home, school or office is the dialSpeed 1500eDBX. This really is a high-quality maximum security electronic combination lock. It runs on a CR2032 replaceable battery that has a 5-year lifespan. Being electronic it is strictly an indoor lock and must never be allowed to get wet for obvious reasons.

To use the lock you will have to find the factory set primary code that’s located in your user guide. Follow the codes specific instructions and the light in the center will turn green if correct. You will only have 5 seconds to open the lock. If you are incorrect you will see a blue or orange or maybe even a red light. It works flawlessly unless you get the code sequence wrong. When I first got the lock it worked perfectly but when I went to reuse it the other day I could not get it to function at all. I called the Master Lock Vault people and they are incredibly knowledgeable about their products. The first thing they suggested was a dead battery and they explained how to change it.¬†Yes, the existing battery had lost its juice to perform. Ironically the lock has to be open to change the battery so you have to use a new battery to jump-start the old battery. Then you enter your primary code which opened the lock which allowed me to change my battery. Sounds complicated right, not really. Bottom line, I have a supreme lock that works like a charm. I not only have unparalleled confidence in Master Lock products, I also have respect for the people behind the scenes. Awesome products, awesome company!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.