Home-Grown Harvest Guide

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With high inflation and the outrageous cost of food, a lot of us are opting to grow our own crops. But, if you were raised in the city and have no experience, it might be daunting to know what steps to take so your experience is successful. Having a reliable guide will jump-start our ability to grow our favorite crops year around and save money. Home-Grown Harvest, The Grow-Your-Own Guide to Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency is just that guide.

Home-Grown Harvest, The Grow-=Your-Own Guide to Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

Whatever size your yard or growing space is, it’s a valuable asset to your family. Many are realizing this and making the most of that space regardless of its size. It’s a matter of making the most of what space you have.

Before You Begin
Getting Starting
Planning Your Plot

Keeping Animals
Alternative Energy
Taking Stock

The majority of crops grown are sprayed heavily with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer. In this guide, you will learn to grow crops naturally with all the included expert advice. Did you know that you can use a plastic trellis to support your Japanese cucumbers? Did you know that you should not hang pumpkins by their curved stem because they dry up and drop the pumpkins like small bombs?

Aside from giving you growing, harvesting, preserving, and storing tips, you will also glean insight into using make-shift tools and equipment to save money. Learn how to ward off pests and plant diseases. There is also info on keeping livestock and how to utilize solar and wind power.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned gardener, there are oodles of tips, techniques, and tricks to make your garden patch successful and sustainable.

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