Kids Home Library Storybooks

Today with everything being digital and available at our fingertips anytime, anywhere, it’s a wonder our kids aren’t socially inept. Kids can get audios, videos and books online without ever leaving their home. When I was younger, it was fun to go to the library and peruse all the storybooks or visit the mobile library that frequented our neighborhood a few times a month. Having a home library is also beneficial; they’ve been proven to improve children’s academic achievements. Home libraries provide kids with access to educational resources, they increase their knowledge, improve their reading skills, and deepen their passion for books.

I’m always adding new books to our family library. Very often someone will scan the shelves, choose a book that they felt compelled to pick out and find a quiet place to read. Here are a few books ranging from ages 2 – 14, that I just recently added to our home library.

Horse Tales

Horse Tales boardbook

Neigh! Horse Tales is ideal for inquisitive, animal-loving toddlers. This board book is stable shaped and comes with 24 barn door flaps that kids can peek behind. The book features eleven different horses and ponies along with some of their amazing attributes. Cobalt is a champion show horse who has won lots of medals. Open the flap and you’ll see how beautiful he is along with all his medals. Daisy, on the other hand, is a fancy and dainty horse who loves to be brushed and decorated with braids and ribbons. Each horse or pony has unique traits that toddlers will find appealing. The illustrations are colorful and each barn door is embellished to match the personality of the horse. Ideal for kids aged 2 – 4.

Tomorrow Most Likely

Tomorrow Most Likely storybook

Tomorrow Most Likely is a whimsical story about a little boy’s ponderings at bedtime. He envisions things that he most likely will see the next day. He lives in a big city so it could be almost anything.  It could be a squirrel name Stu, a song from a half-open car window, a nice smell or a rock shaped like a brain. He might also stand on a whale or eat a white fluffy cloud. This charming book allows kids to have fun, express their desires and develop their creative imaginations. The illustrations are colorful and look like paintings with brush strokes still visible. Ideal for ages 3 – 5.

Bikes For Sale

Bikes For Sale storybook

Bikes For Sale is about two characters, Maurice and Lotta. They both had really cool bikes and proudly rode them everywhere. Maurice rode to his shop and Lotta enjoyed picking up sticks. They loved connecting with the locals and either selling or sharing their wares. Then one day, they both had a bad crash. Their bikes were destroyed and left in a pile of pieces. Then, Sid, the bike guy came along and saw potential in all the pieces. He took them back to his shop to restore and create a new bike. You’ll never guess what he created and who bought it! Kids love that all the characters in this story are a variety of different animals. The storyline is captivating, the colors are eye-catching and it’s a cute tale about friendship. Ideal for ages 3 – 5.

The Train To Impossible Places

The Train To Impossible Places storybook

All aboard. The Train to Impossible Places is filled with non-stop fantasy and adventure. But, this is no ordinary train. You see, The Impossible Postal Express is magical and operated by a bunch of trolls. If that wasn’t weird enough, this train makes deliveries everywhere… be it the bottom of the ocean, outer space, Trollville, or in your living room. No, it gets weirder yet. Suzy was having an ordinary day when all of a sudden this train came roaring through her living room. Unsure why this happened to her, she boarded the train. Her life will never be the same. Suzy finds herself in some hair raising and even dangerous predicaments. What will she do?

This book will take you on the ride of your life with magical experiences, memorable characters and untold evil. As parents, there is no need to worry about the contents for older kids. The scare factor of this book is soft, so no nightmares or sleepless nights. Ideal for ages 10 – 14.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.