Homes Alive Pet Centre

Animals have a benevolent nature and just being around them is incredibly healing. If you’re a pet owner, you’re well aware of the special bond, attachment, connection you develop with your pet. They become our best friends, they comfort, console, and listen to us with undivided attention and unconditional love.

puma gardenI have four rescue cats and I totally adore each of them. I feel it’s my responsibility to give them the best in pet foods and products. I can go to any big box store and pick up some general supplies, but if I’m looking for holistic, organic, or any specialty item, going to a pet store is a better choice. They offer a vast selection of options that a big box store cannot.

Personally, I find people who own pet stores have a deep passion for and a commitment to animals, it’s very evident in their values, like Evan Ropp, who owns Homes Alive Pet Centre. He believes in providing pet owners with quality products that are made with excellent and virtuous ingredients. I got to swing by and meet Evan and his cat Stella in person and learn about several of their organic and natural products.

Many cat litters contain harmful, toxic, and know carcinogenic ingredients like sodium bentonite and quartz silica. I refuse to purchase these and seek out clay and chemical-free choices. The Blue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Formula is made from walnut shells so it’s harmless to the animals and eco-friendly to the earth. But, does it work?

One bag is equal to 3 bags of clay litter in absorption, clumping, and odor control. I found there was no dust at all with this product and the cats tracked very little litter throughout the house. It absorbed 100% of the moisture quite quickly, so no mess to clean up. The clumps were hard to semi-solid and easy to scoop away. With regards to odor, I found I needed to replace the litter by the tenth day, but with four cats, that’s impressive. I was actually quite pleased that my cat really liked it too. This product is such a fabulous healthy alternative to the harsh litters on the market. If you’ve been considering changing litters, this may be a good choice to start with. The Blue Buffalo brand offers a variety of formulas. Switching to a cat litter made from a plant-based material is better for your pet and the environment.

I’m just as fussy as my cats are about the food they eat. I question the ethics of some food companies when I read their labels. Their dry and wet cat foods are filled with emulsifiers, fillers, by-products, Corn Syrup/Corn, Propylene Glycol, BHT/BHA, and a whole host of other chemical ingredients. There are, however, conscientious companies like Wild Calling who make dry and canned dog and cat food with 96% free-range US meat. They’re grain-free and supplemented with minerals and vitamins. My cats got the chance to try out some of their canned foods and they totally love it. It’s moist and has a fresh smell, I quickly had a crowd of cats by my feet. It’s available in 9 different flavors so your cats can have a variety of tastes to savor.

I love to lavish my cats in healthy treats. Homes Alive carries several organic and natural brands to choose from. Orijen is a company with awesome integrity. All of their treats are made with authentic 100% cage-free poultry and wild-caught fish. The treats are made without cooking or preservatives, they’re actually freeze-dried to lock in freshness, flavor, and nutrition. They’re shaped into perfect snack size bites and I expected them to be hard, but the treats are soft and moist. My cat Puma will steal these treats from my other cats.


True Raw Choice is made from 100% organic ingredients. They use only fresh, local certified human-grade ingredients in all their products. They’re dehydrated to preserve the flavor and health benefits for our pets. Another heart and soul company is Snack21. They offer pet owners a pure product, there’s absolutely no by-products, fillers, rendered material, additives, preservatives, dyes, or artificial flavors, just real fish. My cats got to nibble on the Herring Steak and Pacific Whiting and they loved it. I wouldn’t eat junk food, so why would I feed it to my pets. It’s exciting and heartwarming to find companies who are all about animal well being.

No pet store would be complete without a deluge of toys, especially organic or natural toys. My cats are always chasing a mouse, tossing a ball, or hiding something in our shoes, it’s their nature. This company carries an adorable selection of toys that will make your rascals giddy and happy.

The Wooly Fun toys are handmade from boiled wool and filled with organic catnip. The Yoewww Catnip Banana and Stinkies are also handmade and filled with organic catnip. I can assure you these toys are hardy and durable. They’ve been attacked umpteen times and are still in one piece, amazing. They’re high-end toys that will provide years of pleasure for our special friends.

Homes Alive Pets Centre is a one-stop-shop that carries numerous brand names and pretty everything your pet could possibly need, including specialty items. I found their stores well-stocked, very clean, and staffed with knowledgeable and friendly personnel. Swing by and check out their site. The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re like me, our pets are included in our gift-giving. They deserve it! If you find something cute and/or practical, ordering online is uber easy and they offer subsidized shipping.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.