Hoods, Cowls and Headband Pattern Books

As the warm breezes of summer are replaced with frosty and frigid autumn temperatures, we naturally think of snuggly, cozy winter wear. We pull out last year’s outdoor attire and ponder if we still like the pattern, print, color, and texture of our hats, mitts, and scarves. Plus, factoring in that styles can change from year to year, some of us like to be in vogue. Personally, I like change and that means I bring out my deluge of knitting and crocheting patterns books and start thumbing through the pages. But this year, I decided to look for some new and exciting patterns. And I found two books that inspired me to create some new accessories for this winter and holiday season.

30 Knitted Headbands and Ear Warmers

30 Knitted Headbands and Ear Warmers pattern book

30 Knitted Headbands and Ear Warmers pattern book has a style for everyone and every occasion. Headbands and ear warmers are very popular and actually fairly easy to make. All the patterns are knitted, so you will need to know some basic skills and stitches. If you need some refresher help, the back of the book has a chapter on Stitches and Techniques that will guide you along.

Knit-Purl Headbands

  • Garter
  • 1 x 1 Ribbed
  • I-Cord
  • Shaped Garter Bulky
  • Seeds
  • I-Cord Garter
  • Waves

Lace Headbands

  • Leaf Garland
  • Roman Lace Tie
  • Bird’s-Eye
  • Veined Leaf
  • Diagonal Mesh
  • Waterfalls
  • Palm Leaf
  • Mini Chevron

Cabled Headbands

  • Simple Cable
  • Braid
  • X & O Cables
  • Round About
  • Bamboo Cables
  • Labyrinth
  • Loose Knots

Colorwork Headbands

  • Diagonal Stripes
  • Chevron Stripes
  • Spotted You
  • Deep Sea
  • Stripes
  • Blowing Leaves
  • Thistle
  • Flame

Each of the patterns includes several full-color images and easy-to-follow instructions. Some patterns will also include a key and chart to follow. From traditional slim bands to attractive lacy mesh beach bands to colorful wide bands for outdoors trekking, each one has its own personality and flair. My favorites are the Veined Leaf and Flame headbands. Make several for your family or headbands make great stocking stuffers.

Crocheted Hoods & Cowls

Crocheted Hoods & Cowls pattern book

Crocheted Hoods and Cowls is keeping up with all the fashion changes. Both cowls and hoods have been popular over the last few years, with cute patterns popping up each season. Included in this pattern book are 20 attractive patterns for women and 7 adorable hood patterns for the kiddos.

Adult Hoods, Cowls and Scarves

  • Cluster Stitch Hood
  • Slanted Shells Snood
  • Cozy Cable Hood
  • Knit-Look Snood
  • Linen Stitch Hood
  • Puff Stitch Snood
  • Herringbone Hooded Scarf
  • Chunky Ribbed Hood
  • Faux Cable Snood
  • Pretty Hooded Scarf
  • Easy & Elegant
  • Scalloped Shells Snood
  • Double Wrap Hooded Cowl
  • Star Stitch Hooded Scarflette
  • Enchanted Pixie Hood
  • Easy Hooded Cowl
  • Cross-Stitch Hooded Scarf
  • Hooded Button Scarf
  • Big Bow Hood
  • Hooded Triangle Cowl

Demand for these alluring accessories has inspired designers to create an abundance of different stitch combinations, making them unique and stunning. If you are not familiar with a snood, it’s like a tubular scarf that you can pull up and wear as a hood, while still keeping your neck warm. They are super easy to make and fun to wear.

For kids though, the designer has created some adorable patterns that will encourage them to keep their warm gear on. Plus, they’ll look cute and trendy. These patterns include a Kitty Cat, Dinosaur, Giraffe, Bunny, Fox, Bear and Wolf.

All the patterns are easy to make, but if you need a stitch refresher, navigate your way to the back of the book for some visual and written instructions. This winter, flaunt some gorgeous hoods and cowls that are stylish and cozy warm. They’ll protect both your head and neck from the winter chills.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.