Hoover Impulse Grab & Go Cordless Vacuum

With today’s high-paced, hyper-connected lifestyles, we’ve become spoiled. We expect everything to be fast, automated, and convenient for our enjoyment and comfort. We demand quality, efficiency, lots of power, and it better be user-friendly. You with me on this? These haughty expectations would naturally include all our household appliances. I confess that if I’m using an appliance, I expect all the above. I recently received the Hoover Impulse Vacuum and test drove it to see if it would meet our lofty needs. It did!

Hoover Impulse Vacuum

Hoover Impulse Vacuum still in box

I’ve seen stick vacuums advertised on the television for quite some time and I’ve always wanted one, more like coveted one actually. So, when the Hoover Impulse came my way, I was enthusiastic and eager to put this sleek number to use. It comes with a manual, cordless vacuum, charger, accessory bag, wall mount, and 3 different attachments, a crevice tool, dusting brush and the upholstery tool.

Hoover Impulse Vacuum pieces

The Hoover Impulse comes disassembled, but it’s just a matter of putting together the pieces you need for a specific chore in mind. It can be used as a vacuum or as a handheld.

Hoover Impulse Vacuum upright

It comes with a rechargeable built-in Fade-Free Lithium battery that needs to be charged for 3 – 4 hours before use. Its life is reflective of the options your using. If you use the boost, a higher speed, and the powerhead, it will use up the battery life faster. The battery level indicator on the dashboard will let you know when you need to recharge the vacuum.

Hoover Impulse Vacuum controls

To activate the Hoover Impulse vacuum, you simply pull the trigger on the handle. From the options on the dashboard, select your desired cleaning modes, speed, and choose either hard floor or rug.

floors with cat hair

This is what my floors look like every morning. I have four cats and their hair is everywhere. With the Hoover Impulse, I was able to clean this furry mess up in a matter of minutes.

Hoover Impulse Vacuum in action on floors

You can use the vacuum two ways, short-term or constant. You can either hold the trigger while cleaning or double-tap the trigger and it will continue to clean until you press the trigger again. The Impulse is far more convenient for quick cleaning jobs around the house. Its unique swivel steering allows you to get into corners, tight spots, and under some furniture.

To clean higher places attached the dusting brush to the stick and get cleaning. The Impulse is fairly lightweight – weighing only 6lbs – but I still used two hands for stability. It did a pretty good job, I could see the lint filtering in the dirt cup.

Hoover Impulse Vacuum handheld vacuuming sofa

If you want to clean your furniture, attach the upholstery tool. It glides smoothly on all surfaces and picks up dust, crumbs, and hair quickly and easily.

Hoover Impulse Vacuum cleaning crevices in sofa

To get into those tiny corners that never seem to get cleaned very often, use the crevice tool. It’s able to reach areas that collect lint, hair, and loose change easily. I went into all the corners of my furniture and it’s surprising what’s linger down there. Secret Code: cordless.

After all your cleaning, it easy to clean the dirt cup, but it’s a good practice to clean your filter regularly. You remove it from the filter frame and tap out any excess debris over the trash can. Then rinse the filter under water until the water runs clear. Squeeze it to remove all the excess moisture and allow it to dry for 24 hours before putting back into the vacuum. Easy!

The Hoover Impulse Grab and Go is so versatile and multifunctional, that it’s the first vacuum I reach for now. It’s got strong suction and has proven it can help simplify everyday chores and unexpected messes. And I like not having to drag out a big plug-in vacuum and lug it around the house. I’m very happy with it.

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.