Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet Kit

Housework and unending chores are not visions that give us the warm fuzzies. Most of us wished we had a self-cleaning home so we can get on with the necessities and frivolities of everyday life. Well, that is not going to happen so finding more practical, functional and convenient ways to make cleaning a breeze is essential. Cordless cleaning is the wave of the future and Hoover has the edge with its new Hoover OnePWR System. Enter the Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet.


Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet Kit

The Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet is just one cleaning product the belongs to the Hoover OnePWR System. This innovative system features a family of 9 cordless, high-performing cleaning products that get their fuel from the same source, a powerful heavy-duty Lithium-Ion battery. Cleaning in and around the home just got more productive, effective, easier, faster, and simpler with the Hoover OnePWR System.

Hoover lithium-Ion battery

As a leading high-edge company, Hoover uses the latest Lithium-Ion technology. Their OnePWR batteries are fade-free and give you longer power time to get those cleaning chores done. They’re compact, removable and versatile and can be easily and quickly switched to any one of the 9 products in the Hoover OnePWR System. There are 4 LED indicator lights that show your battery charge & usage levels. It takes about 3.5 hrs to fully recharge the battery, then it’s ready for more cleaning action. You can also purchase additional lithium batteries so you can have virtually unlimited runtime. Each battery comes with a 3-year warranty.


Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet Kit

The Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet is super easy to use, but some assembling is required when you get your unit. It comes with a Lithium battery, a charger, grip handle, 2 brushes, a solution water tank, reservoir tank for dirty water, rinse and storage tray, 236 mL (8 oz) bottle of Hoover Multi-Surface cleaner, Quick Start Guide and a manual.

The handle has the control panel with the battery indicator light and the power, mode and trigger buttons. There are 2 modes, Eco and High. The handle reclines, allowing you to adjust the height so you can comfortably clean easy and hard to reach areas.

mode selection

Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet is designed to vacuum and wash your floors in one sweeping action. It goes from hardwood floors to carpets in seconds while collecting debris along the way with its dual cyclonic Dustvault System. It works on sealed hardwood, laminate, vinyl planks, tiles and area rugs.

battery pack

When the lithium battery is charged, it installs easily in its compartment on the FloorMate unit. Just pull the lever open and slip the battery inside.

The solution water tank has two levels, small and large. There is a water line and solution line for each level so you don’t have to guess. If you add too much solution, it will create extra foam and you’ll have to rinse the floors again.

roller heads for Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet

There are two rollers, a soft brush roller for light surface cleaning and a microfiber brush roller that gently washes & scrubs to loosen debris and clean multiple floor types. They snap into the base effortlessly and are easy to clean.

Once you have all your solution tank and roller ready, just pull the trigger a few times to prime it and you’re ready to clean your floors. The cleaning solution jets out through the nozzle while the rollers are spinning and removing debris and then is quickly vacuumed up, leaving a sparkling clean floor. Depending on how big your room is and how dirty the floors are, you may have to replenish your water solution tank and empty the reservoir for each room. But, it literally takes less than five minutes to do this. If your dirty water tank gets too full, you’ll hear an audible change indicating it needs to be emptied.

After you finish your floors, cleaning the unit is a breeze. You simply place the unit on the rinse and storage tray and use the measuring cup to add 5 oz of clean water to the tray. Now, recline the unit in the tray, turn FloorMate on high for 15 seconds and then remove the cover and brush roll. Rinse the cover and replace on the unit. The tray has a dry area for both rollers. Then you remove the two water tanks, rinse and allow to dry. The filter from the dirty water tank needs to dry for 24 hrs before replacing.

I love the Hoover OnePWR FloorMate Jet cleaner. It’s cordless, portable, versatile and cuts down on cleaning time. It leaves your floors clean, fresh and virtually dry. With four pets, I’m either vacuuming or washing floors almost every day to clean up their messes, so the OnePWR FloorMate Jet is perfect for my needs. Every home should have one!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.