Hoover OnePWR Hand Vac for Cordless Cleaning

This time of year, our homes are fraught with family, friends and festive frivolities. People are coming and going so we find ourselves continually sprucing up our homes. Plus, accidents happen and there is always a trail of crumbs to clean up. That’s why I like having my trusted Hoover OnePWR Cordless Hand Vac nearby. It cleans up after kids, critters and Christmas catastrophes.


The Hoover OnePWR Cordless Hand Vac is just one cleaning product the belongs to the Hoover OnePWR System. Several months ago I featured the FloorMate Jet and I love its cleaning power and versatility.

This innovative system features a family of 9 cordless, high-performing cleaning products that get their fuel from the same source, a powerful heavy-duty Lithium-Ion battery. Cleaning in and around the home just got more productive, effective, easier, faster, and simpler with the Hoover OnePWR System.

Hoover OnePWR Lithium-ion battery.

Each of the Hoover OnePWR products runs off the same lithium-ion battery. They’re compact, removable and versatile and can be easily and quickly switched to any one of the 9 products in the Hoover OnePWR System. The 4 led lights will show you your battery levels and when it needs recharging. It takes around 3.5 hrs to recharge each battery and you can get about 15 – 20 minutes of cleaning time. If you have more than OnePWR batteries, you can pop a freshly charged one in your Hoover OnePWR product for continual use.

OnePWR Cordless Hand Vac

Hoover OnePWR Hand Vac

The Hoover OnePWR Cordless Hand Vac is a high-performance cleaning product with a lot of family-friendly attributes. No assembling is needed and it comes with its own lithium-ion battery, charger, rinsable filter, built-in crevice tool, and a user manual. Once the battery is charged, you’re ready to go.

Fabulous Features:

  • Lightweight, only 3 lbs.
  • Cordless
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Powerful suction for quick clean-ups
  • Removable and rechargeable battery
  • Fade-free power
  • Easy to take apart
  • Rinsable filters
  • XL dirt cup
  • Attachable crevice tool for awkward to reach areas
  • use in the home, garage, vehicle
  • easy to maintain
  • affordable
  • 3 yrs warranty

The Hoover OnePWR Hand Vac is my household savior.
It allows me to clean up pet hair, litter and debris quickly.

To use the Hoover One PWR Hand Vac, you simply slide the power button forward and it starts cleaning. To empty the dirt cup, you press the little trash can button and it releases the dirt cup so it can be emptied. You can also rinse the filter if needed. I find a good rule of thumb is to rinse the filter once a month so your Hoover functions optimally.

Hoover One PWR Hand Vac on sofa

With lots of holiday well-wished popping over to share some festive greetings and a hot beverage, they end up traipsing in a lot of dirt into my entranceway. So, it’s nice to have this handy handheld vac to clean up those messes quickly before it’s tracked around my home.

But, a normal day in my home is cleaning up after my pets. I have four cats and, as you can imagine, hair is everywhere. They love to sleep on soft and fluffy surfaces, so my couch needs vacuuming almost every day. The handy crevice tool is great for those hard to reach niches and crannies that collect hair and debris. Go from upholstery to hard floors to carpets to patios and more, it’s a versatile unit.

Hoover One PWR Hand Vac on stairs

In my home, the stairs are a high traffic area. They are great surfaces for collecting dirt, debris and lots of pet hair. I have to vacuum them several times a week for maintenance and the Hoover OnePWR makes cleaning quick and easy. I’ve also used this hand vac around the litter area, it sucks up the small particles easily, making my life so much simpler.

I love the Hoover OnePWR Hand Vac. It’s perfect for a busy home with kids, pets and hectic everyday activities. This line of Hoover cleaning tools is innovative, high-performing, and must-haves around our homes.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.