The How Not to Die Cookbook

The world is plagued with innumerable health issues that seem to get worse with each decade. Every year thousands and thousands die or are afflicted with heart disease, lung diseases, brain diseases, cancers, infections, diabetes, ‘auto-immune’ disorders, depression, Parkinson’s, and the list grows wildly. These horrific health conditions have led to an enormous amount of surgeries, procedures, and prescriptions written. Even then, many people struggle to regain their health; in fact, it deteriorates slowly. It may also surprise you, that medical error is responsible for 225,000 deaths annually and now doctors are being held accountable.

I have had three family members pass away from cancer recently and going through this with them I got a really good sense of what the medical system deems helpful to disease. Not once did anyone of the doctors tell them to change their diet. Not a single one of them. Our medical system is wonderful when it comes to mending broken bones and curing infections, but they fail miserably when it comes to preventing and reversing disease. Where are we to turn?

How Not to Die Cookbook

How Not to Die Cookbook

One doctor is adamant about changing the way we view foods and shares how they affect our health. Enter Dr. Michael Greger, a US-based doctor, author, and speaker on public health issues. As a vegan, he’s passionate about sharing the benefits of whole foods, a plant-based diet, and how eating animal products do the body harm. Dr. Gregor also created a new resource, the How Not To Die Cookbook and it’s filled with health-restoring recipes and information.

Our bodies need certain nutrients in order to survive and they’re called the Daily Dozen. It’s the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients we get from whole live foods that have the ability to prevent and restore our bodies to vibrant health – to homeostasis. So what is the Daily Dozen?

How Not to Die Cookbook

The premise of The How Not to Die Cookbook is that by incorporating these twelve, your health will improve. All the recipes within the cookbook are centered around the foods on this exclusive list. Included are over 120 delicious meal, snack and beverage recipes that are filled with flavor and life-changing nutrition. These recipes are based on the latest nutrition science with easy-to-follow instructions. The colorful photos are appealing and will inspire you to make healthier meals.

The book is broken into several chapters, each with easy to prepare recipes. You’ll learn to make your own Ranch Dressing, French Toast with Berry Drizzle, Lemony Hummus, Smokey Roasted Chickpeas, Vegetable & Red Bean Gumbo, Sloppy Jacks, Roasted Vegetable Lasagna, Lentil Shepard’s Pie, and many more plant-based recipes. The How Not to Die Cookbook is destined to be a life-changing tool in the kitchen.

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