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How Often Should We Wash Our Face, and With What?

When it comes to skincare regimens, there is no shortage of differing and conflicting advice. Experts say we should wash our face anywhere from one to three times a day. We all realize why it’s so important to wash our face at the end of the day, it’s a given. But, some may wonder why it is necessary to wash our face in the morning when all we did was sleep.

Remove Dirt, Cleanse the Pores

Let’s keep this simple and to the point. Thing is, dirt, bacteria, and environmental debris settle on your skin while you are sleeping. And depending on our skin’s health, that could lead to a host of skin issues. As we age, our pores enlarge and become the ideal place for dirt, debris, oily, and impurities to get trapped. If we don’t cleanse daily and properly, we can start experiencing a deluge skin problems – all of which are not becoming. Plus, our skin type and overall skin health will determine a balanced routine, but the general rule is cleansing our skin twice a day is optimal.


While the vast majority of us cleanse our faces, many do not exfoliate. Some think this step is time-consuming and unnecessary. But regular exfoliating sloughs off dead skin, prevents pores from getting clogged, increases collagen production, prevents acne, helps your skincare product absorb better, and boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage. Some experts say you can exfoliate daily, however, it’s all reflective on how your skin handles it and what product you use. The best criteria are to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week with a pure, organic product that will not scratch or scar your skin like the Ajara Skincare Kits.

Ajara Skincare Collections

Here’s a news flash. Did you know that there are over 10,000 brutal chemicals and almost 1000 synthetic chemicals used in personal care products? Chemical exfoliators use harsh acids to exfoliate and can feel like steel wool on your face. Why would anyone do that to their fragile skin when there are healthier alternatives?

Ajara only creates pure, organic, Ayurveda skincare kits for all skin types. There are no parabens, phthalates, chemicals, artificial fragrances, petroleum, ammonias, or other toxic ingredients in Ajara products, only pure, gentle, and effective organic herbs and oils.

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