How to Create Your Own Private Me Space

Our home is definitely our sanctuary. It is the only piece of this world we can consider our own. The home is our private space where we retreat, find peace and joy. The outside world can’t penetrate the walls of our own space and that’s why we consider it a safe place.

A safe and private sanctuary within your own home can improve your emotional, psychological and physical health. You don’t have to live in a mansion to find a room for your own private me space.

Find the perfect space

Even if you live in an apartment, there is always one nook or an empty corner. It has to be next to a source of natural light to be truly cozy and comfortable. If you live in a house, the choice of the perfect space is probably easier. Houses are often spacious and might even offer an entire room for your private sanctuary. If you have a bay window in your house, you can add a window seat and use it to retreat whenever you have to. If not, even the regular window can be transformed with a window seat into a relaxing nook of your dreams.

Warm it up with colors

Once you pin down the perfect space, it’s time to warm it up with colors. If it’s an entire room, you can paint the walls in your favorite color or put up interesting wallpaper. If it’s just a corner, you can paint just one signature wall. Pick something bold like Pantone color of the year. 2020 is all about the Classic Blue. If you go for bold colors, contrast it with lighter shades of furniture. Whether you choose bold colors or neutral, go with the ones that relax you and put your emotions at ease.

Decorate it with the right furniture

You need to add the right pieces of furniture to make it both comfortable and easy-to-use. You’ll need an armchair or a cozy sofa where you can lounge and sit back. A few pillows and a comforter can make this area more aesthetically pleasing. A side table is a must and you should put it somewhere close to the chair or the sofa. You need a place to put down your book or a cup of tea.

If you plan on using it to work on your hobby, you’ll need a small desk and a comfortable chair. Proper lighting is essential so use something like the practical roman blinds because these can still block direct sunlight and allow natural light in. All in all, you need to have a place to sit comfortably, put down a book or snacks and do any manual creative work comfortably.

Pay attention to details

Details can make this place absolutely private and your own. Add a few touches like framed photographs or abstract figurines. Decorative pillows can only enhance the visual appeal of your furniture and even make it more comfortable. Just add things that make you happy and increase that soothing atmosphere. But, don’t go overboard with details, pictures, and other mementos because they can easily over clutter the space. A floor lamp is a nice touch too, especially if you plan to use this area for reading.

Add zen decor touches

Bonzai - pixabay

Make sure your side table or desk is big enough to host a few zen elements. Add incense burners or aromatherapy candles to set the mood and stimulate your senses. Choose something with lavender, jasmine, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, or peppermint or any other relaxing scent. You can even include a small Zen garden table and create patterns in the sand. This will soothe your running thoughts and it can also be a nice decorative touch. Make sure you limit any tech in this area because the point is to create a relaxing space that is stress-free.

Invite nature in

Indoor plants can make us feel better just by looking at them. The effect of greenery can have a soothing effect on our mind, lower our heart rate and blood pressure. Plants like aloe vera, snake plant or a philodendron are easy to maintain and they also improve the air quality. So, pick a plant or two and let them beautify your private space.

Once you learn how to decorate your own private space, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start decorating. When you put down the last decorative element, the entire area will have your name on it. Use it wisely and enjoy your me-time.