How to Draw Manga Furries

Manga! Some will ask, what is Manga? In short, it’s a general term used to describe various fantasy comic books and graphic novels created and published in Japan. And kids and adults around the world love them. This form of art has inspired artists to broaden their drawing repertoire and embrace new skills to sketch these characters. A few weeks ago I featured The Complete Guide to Action Manga and I was amazed at how many entrants said their children or grandchildren love Manga. It’s becoming as popular in North America as it is in Japan. This reaction encouraged me to feature another Manga art book published by Tuttle.

How to Draw Manga Furries

How to Draw Manga Furries

The How to Draw Manga Furries, the Complete Guide to Anthropomorphic Fantasy Characters features dynamic characters that are animals with human features or are they humans with animal features? Either way, human and nonhuman beings are fused together to create imaginative hybrids that are a blast to draw. Half man and half beast have long been portrayed in horror flicks, but Manga characters can be depicted as a villain, monster, or a loveable friend. You have the control.

Inside this book, you will discover six categories of Manga Furries including subspecies and close relatives, with 30 species of furries in total. Let’s take a peek inside.

  • How to Use This Book
  • Furry Foundations
  • Furries on Land
  • Feathered Furries and Flying Beasts
  • Finned Furries and Sea Creatures
  • Furry Fine Points: Tell Your Characters Apart
Manga Furries

With each character, you are shown how to draw the basic form and then how to add some unique and individual touches to make your own Manga come alive. This includes how to draw the body, head, skull, face, legs, joints, feet or hooves, eyes, and more. The detailed illustrations will walk you through each step and offer guidance and variations on different expressions, body shapes including average, muscular, slim and plump bodies, and sizes and heights according to age. It’s a great book for any young or older artist wanting to learn new drawing skills.

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