How To Embrace Your Inner Lupita & Become A Fashion Star

Stuck dealing with lousy Smarch weather, there’s not much for us non-celebrities to do except hole up in our homes and watch what’s happening in starlit Hollywood. It’s award season in LA, and the hottest, most talented actors are congregating in this glitzy part of the world. As the world’s most beautiful people walk down the runways and red carpets, one woman stands out: Lupita Nyong’o.

Stunning as she is talented, the actress is no amateur. She works the red carpet like she’s the only one worthy of its space, and Hollywood has taken notice. The Star Wars star is a constant source of thrill and anticipation when it comes to special events, and she hasn’t let her fans down yet. With such looks as her Rosie Assoulin bustier at the premiere of Queen of Katwe and her elegant purple jewel-tone dress at the Black Panther premiere, Nyong’o continuously impresses.

It’s little wonder that you would like to cultivate some of her fashion sense for yourself. Though you may never walk the red carpet like your fashion hero, you can emulate your favorite actress with the following style tips.

Choose bold and bright jewel tones

When you look like Nyong’o, you look good in any color. But the actress tends to stick with saturated jewel-tones that highlight her beautiful complexion. Her palette carries most colors under the rainbow, and she rocks amethyst purple as well as aquamarine and emerald. Though you may not be able to wear as many colors as she can with equal aplomb, this gives you a lot of room to play in. You should be able to find a hue that matches your coloring.

If you aren’t sure what that means, check in with this guide to see what color will flatter your skin tone the most. Once you have a suitable color range to shop within, head to stores like H&M and Forever 21 for affordable jewel-toned pieces. These bold colors are in right now, so you should be able to find something easily at your favorite store.

Embrace textures and prints

When she isn’t making a monochromatic statement with color, Nyong’o can be seen wearing bold prints and graphics on the carpet. On less practiced fashionistas, patterns can look busy. They quickly fall into an eye-sore category when paired incorrectly with other prints. Be careful with how you bring patterns into your own wardrobe. Nyong’o makes clever use of them to accentuate her figure, so take into account their cut as much as their overall design. Try starting small with one printed piece. Once you get more comfortable wearing dazzling prints, you can begin to mix-and-match in ways that flatter your figure.

Layering is also another strategy Nyong’o employs regularly, especially when she’s wearing just one color. She manages to create visual intrigue by mixing lace, satins, crinoline, cottons, and more to add dimension to her gemstones.

Start matching more often

Whether she’s in a Kenzo African print or an orange Prada gown, Nyong’o makes sure each piece of her overall look contributes to the whole. She coordinates jewelry, clutches, shoes, and even makeup in a way that elevates the impact of her outfit, so you need to start thinking about how you can accessorize. You can do this even if you aren’t a makeup or shoe girl. You can incorporate your tech as part of your fashion by outfitting it with a print that would do Nyong’o proud.

At the end, be bold

Lupita Nyong’o is fearless on screen and on the red carpet. She doesn’t shy away from strong colors, energetic prints, or dynamic combinations. Try to embody the confidence that saturates her every look by embracing these fashion tips. Add dazzling jewel tones and vibrant patterns into your closet, and you’ll start to feel just as good as you look.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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