How to Nurture Your Body, Mind and Spirit

As the year is slowly coming to an end, we start to reflect. Past achievements shouldn’t be the only things we focus on. The way we took care of our body, mind and spirit counts too. To start the New Year right, we should pledge to nurture this trinity better to lead fulfilled and ultimately healthier lives. When we decide to take care of our body, mind and spirit equally, we decide to prioritise our well being above everything else. If you want to heal your body-mind-spirit connection, try to focus on the following tips.

Cleanse your body through diet

The food we eat daily has a strong impact on our overall health, energy levels and our focus throughout the day. Start by paying attention to your portion size. Moderation is the key so limit the amount of food you eat. You don’t have to give up on chocolate, just limit the amount. Then, pay attention to eating whole foods more in comparison to processed food. Aim to prepare your meals in advance so you’ll include a lean source of protein, healthy fats, steamed veggies, and fibre into your every meal. Variety is the key so try to include various sources, seasonal produce and lots of fruit. Also, make sure you drink enough water because it will hydrate you and flush all the toxins from your body.

Feed your mind with reading

Reading is the cheapest form of stress relief. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be more attentive, curious, and focused. Reading also expands your mind and sparks your creativity. New pieces of information you learn daily can expand your mind and give it food for thought. Reading is a form of mental exercise so make sure you do this regularly.

Detox your body through exercise

Our body needs to detox through intentional and vigorous movement. Regular exercise does all this and also removes all negative emotions, pent up tension and stimulates better sleep at night. Now’s the time to forget about the excuses and start working on your strength, health, and physique. Embrace the joy found in yoga, pilates, running or cycling. Pick an activity you’ll love and don’t view it as torture. It is something that puts the trinity in balance and improves your health. Also, don’t forget to move more during the day.

Connect with your inner self

Meditation and relaxation will help you connect to your inner self. We need to reach a state of calm during the times of chaos. We experience stress daily so intentional meditation eases this tension. The proper state of calm can be achieved through the daily practice of meditation. If you have trouble relaxing your body through the lotus pose, try meditating while a therapeutic massage chair relaxes your muscles. Sit back, and let slow vibrations massage your muscles while you focus on deep breathing and reaching a state of calm. You can light up some incense or scented candles to further stimulate your senses.

Go offline to heal your body-mind-spirit connection

Going offline in the era of social media is the new luxury. Surely it is something we can afford, but we have to decide to do so. It is a distraction that keeps us away from being in the moment. Limit social media to a minimum during workdays. Try to do one daily activity without your phone. Also, aim to spend at least one day of the weekend without your phone. A time without technology will surely detox your mind and improve your emotional state.

Sleep recharges your mind

Proper sleep hygiene can calm our minds, recharge our bodies and feed our spirits through vivid dreams. Falling asleep at regular times, sleeping seven to nine hours, and waking up to the first sound of the alarm are the basics of a healthy sleep routine. Pay attention to your wind-down routine if you want to improve your quality of sleep.

Creativity feeds your spirit

Do something with your hands. Learn a skill or a new language. Join a book club. Whatever you choose, make it new, fun, and exciting. Spark your sense of adventure by visiting a new place or going to a nearby town. Traveling is also good for the spirit because it is a chance to break free from our daily routines and experience something new and inspiring. Expose your mind and spirit to new things and see how it will grow.

There are many things that can heal your mind, body, and spirit and improve your life. Start with the ones we’ve written about and improve your life in the New Year.