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Hunting down those perfect last-minute health-inspired gifts for the holidays?

While the stores are filled with holiday gift ideas galore, Covid is keeping most of us indoors. So online shopping has taken up the slack and presented us with lots of shopping opportunities. But now is not the time to ponder; Christmas is approaching fast.

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If you are searching for those unique gifts, especially health-conscious gifts, then now is the time to make those last-minute purchases. The countdown is on! Here are some fun new Ayurvedic products you might not have seen before and would be ideal for yourself or that special unique person! The Ayurveda Experience has all your solutions.

Ajara’s Set of Natural Lip Balms

Truly Lip-smackin’ offerings to coddle your delicate lips and nourish them to the hilt.

Ajara Lip Balms
Ajara Aromance roll-ons

Ajara’s Aromance: Natural Roll-On Aromas

3 enigmatic blends with 3-layered fragrances each suited for Unique Doshas!

Hair-to-Knees Youth Duo + FREE 1 oz Vyam Yoga Oil

The final touch to dazzle after 50, 60, 70 and beyond, with gorgeous hair and revitalized joints! 

Iyura hair to knees duo
Manjish elixir

Manjish Glow Duo

Your favorite night-time face oil in both its new, aromatic and original version so you can choose a herbal or floral night-time routine!

Brinili High Power Root Concentrate

The ultimate power-potion for scalp and lush, voluminous hair, loved and cherished by customers, is finally back in stock, and at 10% OFF!

Brinili high power root concentrate

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