Hustle, The Power to Charge Your Life With Money, Meaning and Momentum

If we’re truly honest, most of us are working in a job that does not give us the warm fuzzies. It’s merely an end to a mean. But yet there are people who seem to thrive in the workforce, love what they are doing and get paid well for it. Where did we go wrong, and how come we aren’t in that same situation. My newest book Hustle, The Power To Charge Your Life With Money, Meaning And Momentum, spills the beans on how we can change our reality with just a few subtle shifts.

Hustle, The Power To Charge Your Life With Money, Meaning And Momentum

To cut to the chase, this book is divided into three sections, Heart, Head, and Habits. In part one, Heart, we are blasted with the reality that most of us are not living our dreams, we’re begrudgingly supporting someone else’s dream. In short, they rent us our dreams. Next, they share the Mediocrity of Meh! You know, that nagging, intangible ‘more’ that we seek in our lives, yet it remains desperately elusive. Then the move to ‘The Cycle of Suck’ – your moving, be it slow or frantic but getting nowhere. Steps are offered to reverse these cycles.

Part two, Head, examines the strategies that can pull you out of the Cycles of Suck and help you clear your own best path to owning your own dream. The concept of ‘hormesis’ is introduced – the observation that repeated exposure to small doses of stressors actually strengthens us. Then they discuss the four different types of luck: Random Luck, Hustle Luck, Hidden Luck, and Quirky Luck. Lastly, you’re introduced to the concept of ‘obliquity’: the indirect nature of hustle that makes each individual journey of money, meaning, and momentum unique and significant.

Part three, Habits, they share the exciting upside potential that smart hustlers share with nimble companies who set themselves up for explosive growth through successful initial public offerings. You’ll learn how to develop POP – a Personal Opportunity Portfolio. This is a guiding plan for organizing and making sense of all our hustle efforts, and you’ll be given tools to create one of your own. Our POP will determine how it fits into four categories: Potential, People, Projects, and Proof.

The goal of this book is to show how the right mix of momentum and money can lead us toward meaning. The three Ms organically align and combine to enrich our lives as we find the energy to sustain an infinite hustle.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.