Improve Your Vision

Our eyes are our windows to the world. They expose us to the beauty and reality of life. As we age, it’s commonly accepted that our eyesight will diminish. Most of us haven’t thought of improving our eyesight like we would say our diet. Eye doctors in general, will not offer any encouragement or advice on improving eyesight. So, can we ameliorate our eyesight? According to one unique doctor, yes you can. His book Improve Your Vision offers concepts, suggestions and a different approach to improving vision.

Improve Your Vison


Section I: Being and Seeing
Section II: Using your Mind as a Tool
Section III: Another Way of Being
Section IV: Exercises

Martin Brofam’s goes along with and expands Dr. Bates basic premise is that all impaired vision is accompanied by a particular mental state. Impaired vision is due to our experience with stress in our lives in relation to our environment. We are not able to see things clearly both literally and physically. So, improving our vision is an inside job. It means going deep on a level of consciousness and using your mind and other tools to get to the heart of your eyesight issue.

There are a variety of eye afflictions from mild to severe, and people with both have used the information in this book and reported improvement. Perusing through the book, I was impressed with the layout. First, the introduction is so well written. I was entranced and hung onto every word as they explain their own personal experience and share how the concepts in the book have greatly improved their life.

Each chapter covers a specific topic and finishes with suggestions and affirmations. Chapter one goes into different eye maladies and shares personality traits that go hand in hand with them. I thought it was interesting to read that vision impairment correlates with a specific personality type. Nearsighted people all have something in common, farsighted people share a particular personality trait, and those with astigmatism seem to be working on a similar issue in their lives.

An abundance of material is shared about using your mind with positive thinking and affirmations. It also covers visualization, metaprogramming, and self-talk. The back of the book has some physical exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles in your eyes. There’s also a two-month program that you can follow at three different levels, good, excellent, and optimal. The more you put into the program, the bigger the result you get.

I think this book is enlightening, and I gleaned a lot of insight into improving my vision. It offers practical, spiritual, and emotional guidance to not only improving our precious eyesight but unlocking our personal potential.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.