In The Company of Sages

As we go through the years and phases of our lives, there may come a point when materialism, meaning accumulating money and stuff, is no longer a priority. Some of us reach a stage where the need to deepen our spirituality is important. This journey isn’t necessarily a religious experience, it just means moving inwardly and perhaps connecting with God, our authentic self, and wanting spiritual enlightenment. It could also imply searching for whatever truths that need clarifying while being fully engaged and conscious of our choices. Most of us don’t know where to start, so searching for a spiritual mentor might be a shrewd decision. How do we find such a being? My newest book, In The Company of Sages: The Journey of the Spiritual Seeker, offers lots of guidance in this area.

In the company of sagesCONTENTS

Intro: The Catalyzing Role of Teachers

Stage 1: Choosing a Teacher
Stage 2: Initiation
Stage 3: Discipleship
Stage 4: Testing
Stage 5: Grace and Guru Yoga
Stage 6: At the Threshold of Awakening
Stage 7: Separating from a Spiritual Teacher
Stage 8: Finding the Teacher Within
Stage 9: Teaching Others


Trying to find spiritual awareness on our own, may leave us floundering in unfulfilled portals. The nine stages addressed in this book will walk you through a process of reaching spiritual enlightenment. Stage One starts with finding a spiritual teacher. A Spiritual Teacher is an enlightened one who first of all practices what he/she teaches, is saturated in wisdom, is healthy, is youthful looking, is skillful, and has impeccable habits, just to name a few. Seeking their guidance doesn’t mean you have to join a sect or group. There are different kinds of teachers, so it will be up to us to find one with the personality traits that resonate with us individually.

Some of the other stages go into lots of eastern beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies that might not sit right with us raised with western views, but keep an open mind. As you read through the pages, some points will echo true, others not so much. There’s lots of deep information shared, and I can only absorb so much. It was great to read the authors views and experiences, and it’s a great book to get you on the spiritual path. I think you’ll glean a lot of insights and use what rings true for you.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.