Inspirational Visions Oracle Deck

Some of us were born with talents and abilities that give us an edge in certain areas of life. Many have beautiful voices, others can play a plethora of instruments, while others can draw and paint any subject. Whether we display artistic abilities or not, there are hidden deep within us creative strengths, skills, and gifts that are waiting to be revealed. These innate fertile flairs and fortes are waiting to be exposed, explored, and expanded. Not all of us know what these elusive natural gifts are and need some help and guidance to draw them out. This is where the Inspirational Visions Oracle Deck comes in. It can take us on a prolific adventure in self-discovery and self-awareness.

Inspirational Visions Oracle Deck

The Inspirational Visions Oracle Deck comes in a decorative box with a magnetic closure. This winsome keepsake looks just like a fairytale book waiting for the magic inside to escape. The image on the cover – the Elf Scribe – is whimsical and absolutely darling. It makes you want to open the box and enter a world of fantasy, enchantment, and wonder. The deck comes with 50 beautifully illustrated oracle cards and a guidebook. Once you open the box, the interior lid shares some information about the author.

  • Introduction
  • Using the Cards
  • Mind Painting
  • The Secret Sanctuary
  • The Method
  • Oracle Cards

The backs of the cards have a floral print on a light teal background. The sides of the cards are graced with gorgeous teal gilding that sparkles endlessly. Each of the cards features a captivating illustration and offers a positive message. They are all imbued with the creative energies of wizards, fairies, dragons, unicorns, and other magical beings. Each symbolizes our hope and dreams. These cards will enhance and cultivate our imagination so we can paint a Mind Picture of what our ideal self could be and your own Secret Sanctuary. The deck will help us dig deep into our soul and pull out our aspirations, our dreams our yearnings. They prompt and inspire you to reach your highest potential.

Normally when I get a new oracle deck, the first thing I do is cleanse it. Then I peruse the guidebook and read how to use the deck effectively. Almost every deck I’ve used will share how to use a card layout, but this deck does not. Instead, we are encouraged to go within, introspect and discern a way to use these cards for ourselves. So, in essence, you could use a one, three, five, or more card spread if you feel inspired to. The cards will come in alphabetical order and will appear the same in the guidebook. It’s the perfect deck for anyone wanting to develop their imagination to develop unbelievable talents to unimaginable heights.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.