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Ajara Eye-Am-Special Eyecare Duo

The skin around our eyes is one of the first areas that show our ages. The fine wrinkles, crows feet, and sagging skin make us look older than we truly are. Plus, dry skin can accentuate aging even further. Using a pure, hydrating eye cream is one step we can take to improve and revitalize the skin around our eyes.

Ajara Eye-Am Eyecare Duo, Now On Sale!

Ajara eye care products

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A goldmine of nutrients for your famished eyes! This age-perfecting eye butter, formulated with the amalgamation of Sandalwood, Rose, and Lavender in Ghee, the golden elixir, is designed to infuse nourishment into the skin around your eyes. Not only that, the tantalizing aroma of all the essential oils may help you enjoy your sound, peaceful sleep.

Pamper your eyes with this multi-functional concoction and experience a sense of inexplicable excitement around your eyes! Gently massage a small quantity around your eye area and leave it for the night to wake up with refreshed, nourished eyes.

Ajara Eye-Am-Special ingredients


Relish the nutritive power of Ghee, the elixir of life! It is absorbed by our body in a very gratifying manner, making the nourishment seep down to all seven layers of our skin, hence enhancing your glow from within.


Let your skin savor the goodness of this alluring herb with a soothing aroma. This essential oils is know for its toning and beautifying properties. 


Sandalwood is highly regarded in the Vedic texts as the oil of tranquil contemplation and spiritual liberation. Sandalwood oil is known for nourishing delicate skin deeply and beautifying it. Its uplifting aroma is sure to mesmerize your senses. It is also believed to reduce the appearance of large pores, giving the skin a youthful and an even appearance.


Rose has been used as a metaphor for beauty, softness, love, and passion for time immemorial. Referred by many as the Queen of Flowers, rose is known to have a cooling, soothing, and beautifying effect on the skin is also noted for creating a pleasant and relaxing ambiance.

Lemon peel oil

Lemon peel oil helps to enhance the clarity, glow, and softness of the skin. It is known to cleanse and brighten the skin by leaving behind an enviable glow.

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