Intuitive Wisdom Color-Your-Deck Tarot

It’s no secret that everyone has certain colors that they resonate with. And these colors may or may not change throughout the years. Maybe we instinctively need certain colors in our living space. For me, it’s aquas and teals. For my mom, it’s all shades of purple. Or maybe we liked a specific color as a kid, but not so much as an adult. When I was a little kid, I didn’t really like the colors red, orange or yellow. But as an adult, I love and appreciate all colors now as they all have different frequencies. These frequencies have healing benefits that can affect us emotionally and physically. As intuitive beings, we know what colors make us happy and now we can put them into action with the Intuitive Wisdom Color-Your-Deck Tarot.

Intuitive Wisdom Tarot Deck

The Intuitive Wisdom Color-Your-Deck Tarot is a standard tarot deck, but void of any color. It was created by a psychic medium who is also a shamanic student. The idea behind this deck is a collaboration or co-creation so you can imprint your own unique energies onto these cards by use of an array of colors that mean something to you.

It comes with 78 cards and a guidebook in an attractive magnetic keepsake box. The cards are slimmer than normal, flexible to shuffle and feature a colored image on the back. I’m not sure if they would fray quickly or tear easily. I guess if you really love this deck, you could laminate them.

Each card honors a different animal or nature-inspired image. These images may spark a memory or feeling or they may remind you of a dream or a relationship. You may even visualize a trauma or something scary… don’t judge it, embrace it, search your memories and understand the feelings associated with it. Meditate with a card before coloring them and see what images, vibes, or innate wisdom may reveal themselves to your subconscious.

Intuitive Wisdom Tarot Deck - color your own cards

This deck will inspire the right colors for each card as you embark on a journey of your soul. There is no right or wrong color, just tap into your energies and go with the flow. You will be in essence creating your own deck, one that is infused with your creativity, inner guidance and colors you adore.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.