Inventions, Inventors and Discoveries

Much of our lives would not be as comfortable and easy if it were not for the ingenious inventions that inventors brainstormed. An enormous amount of their inventions and discoveries revolutionized the way we live and significantly improved our lives. These are people who were faced with a problem or dilemma and conceptualized a solution through trial and error. They imagined a unique result and persisted regardless of ridicule and unexpected obstacles and changed the world for the better. These remarkable inventions have contributed to the health and happiness of our planet and all who inhabit it.

Most of us take for granted the comforts we live in, so it’s humbling to learn the who, how, when, and why behind the many inventions that have been bestowed on us. The following books are a rich resource filled with a history of amazing inventions and discoveries and the facts and creators behind them.

1000 Inventions and Discoveries

1000 Inventions and Discoveries is an insightful compendium filled with the creativity and curiosity of copious inventors. Each of the chapters catalogs inventions as far back as the stone age. As you will read, it’s often very difficult to discern where invention ends and discovery begins – neither happens overnight.

  • Introduction
  • Learning the Basics C. 3,000,000 BCE – 500 BCE
  • The Age of Authority C. 499 BCE – 1400
  • New Worlds, New Ideas 1401 – 1750
  • Revolutionary Changes 1751 – 1850
  • Science Takes Control 1851 – 1900
  • Inventions For Everyone 1901 – 1950
  • Informtion & Uncertainty 1951 Onward
  • Index of Inventions & Discoveries
  • Index of Inventors and Discoveries

As you pour through each section, you’ll read about 1000 basic to high tech inventions in chronological order. These include inventions and discoveries in science, mathematics, medicine, transportation, agriculture, and more. There are lots of full-color photos and illustrations that help explain, support and educate readers.

Did you know that the first harp appeared in Sumeria and Egypt about 5000 years ago? They resembled bows used to fire arrows and had several strings stretched across instead of one. They were plucked to sound notes. Learn how stained-glass windows came into existence. Ever hear of an Arab scientist named Alhazen? His work inspired eyeglasses and magnifying glasses and more today. Who invented shoe sizes? Did you know a clergyman invented the knitting machine in 1589? Did you know that John Harington invented the first flushable toilet in 1591? In the same year, Antonio da Ponte built the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy, and won a prize for its design. Did you know that DNA was discovered in 1874 by Swiss scientist Johan Miescher? Plus, at the bottom of each page, there are interesting facts highlighted according to their year. Reading these alone, you’ll glean so much knowledge. There is so much to learn.

Inventors – The World’s Most Ingenious

Inventors, Incredible Stories of the World’s Most Ingenious Inventions will allow you to peer into the conscious thoughts and creativity of the many brilliant masterminds featured. What I love about this book is that it not only features past inventors but current inventors as well – people who are still alive and able to share their insights. The content is divided into four main areas of inventions.

  • Making things go!
  • Caring for people
  • Helping at home
  • Bang! Whizz! Whirr!

Each section shares the numerous inventors that created a product that made life easier in that specific field. But there are some inventors that affected more than one area of life, like Leonardo Da Vinci. Step into the workshop where this brilliant man of many talents and inventions reached and affected the fields of art, engineering, architecture, mathematics, chemistry, geology, physics and so much more.

Learn how a farmer’s daughter went on to be a successful rocket scientist. Wonder how the first mechanical traffic lights were invented? The same inventor also created a line of hair-care products and started a newspaper. Did you know that lots of kids have invented some amazing products? With their vivid and creative minds, they have come up with some amazing ideas and creations. Read about Richard Turere who as a young boy had to protect the family cattle from lions, hyenas, leopards, and other predators. He didn’t want the cattle or the lions killed so he came up with a remarkable solution. He was awarded a scholarship at one of Kenya’s best schools.

Kids will learn facts about well-known inventors like Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison and unknown inventors like John Logie Baird, a television pioneer. Did you know that the windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson in November of 1903? Did you know that it was Lizzie Magie who devised the Monopoly game, but a salesman named Charles Darrow stole her idea? He sold it to a company called Parkers and was paid one million dollars for it? After complaining to Parkers, they paid her a mere $500. How disappointing. There are lots of photos and colorful illustrations that will help kids appreciate both the inventor and their inventions.

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