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Is your Hair Thinning? Enter iYura Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair Potion

As we go through major changes in our lives – age, stress, hormones, pressure, pandemic, etc., not only is our skin affected, but our hair is usually the first to bear the brunt, and it stays the same… for quite some time!

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Between struggling with the age-old question of “Should I get bangs?” to seasonal changes and grappling humidity, to the ever-present temptations of impromptu dye-jobs, and spur-of-the-moment striking haircuts, to excessive hot iron damage, to overdosing on hair products, our hair braves through a lot over the years. 

And while there’s always room for experimentation and exploration, it’s also important to prioritize the health of our hair. Here is where iYura Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair potion can come to our rescue!

iYura Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair

*Brings the astounding hair-enriching power of Black Cumin in a multi-layered blend of 3 additional excellent hair oils and 3 Master Hair Herbs directly to your roots.

Got excessive bunches of hair clogging your bathroom drains?
Is your Hairbrush thick with hair strands?

*A hair oil of choice for those who like to see more hair on their head than in their brush bristles. (Scanty hair, wiry hair, rough and tangled hair, or hair loss to the towel, the floor, the comb — all of this can fade like a bad dream.

*Is a uniquely rich hair moisturizer that prides itself not only on moisturizing without weighing down, but also on actively volumizing at the same time!

*The ideal unisex hair oil for all hair types and people who have envied others with long, thick, healthy tresses.

*Totally colorless hair oil — perfect for all hair colors, even the lightest shade of white!

*The right dosage of Amla keeps your locks looking chic and shiny!

*Non-flowery, non-fruity, clean – “I Mean Business” aroma of Clove, Cedarwood and Lemon!

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