Music, It’s All About the Beat

Music, It’s All About the Beat! Music has changed, evolved, and expanded a lot since I was a kid. Classic genres are now being morphed together to create new versions of music, like Folktronic, which is a combo of folk and electronic music. Or have you heard of Psychobilly? It’s a mixture of country, punk, and metal music. In the mood for some Jazz Rap; it’s a fusion of hip hop/rap songs with an instrumental jazz backing.

If these new sounds feel strange or like a blatant departure from what we might deem as normal or enjoyable music, no worries, the music industry is fast-paced and fickle so the ‘now’ beat changes regularly. The music world is also super competitive, so the newest vibes and advanced technologies will always displace the old sounds.

Kid Rock concert

The music industry is always looking for the hottest new sound, new hit, and newest star. Is it easy? No, and a lot of dreams are crushed early on. But if you think you’ve got the talent, then there are a few things you can do from home. The internet and inexpensive recording hardware and software are serious contributing factors when it comes to transforming the music industry. Nowadays, musicians can record professional quality music at home and distribute it to a global audience. In fact, some big-name artists have bypassed the record labels altogether. Do your research.

Singer connecting with audience

So what makes a hit? Well, there are a couple of factors. The lyrics and inferred messages are important so let’s talk a little about them. The words of a song need to touch people’s emotions but in a good way. They need to be inspiring and resonate with their hopes, dreams, and deepest feelings. Incidentally, the most relatable and popular topic that songwriters write about is love.

Music can sink deep into our soul and soak into the very fabric of our being. It can also influence us positively or negatively. Sadly, there are many songs out there that sell the wrong message and perception and can leave us in a funk. But that being said, some songwriters like to keep it real and write about what they’ve experienced or true events. Some just need a vehicle for their voice and their story. Aside from words, it’s that catchy and bouncy melody that will grab our attention and keep us humming that lingering beat. It’s the beat! It’s all about the beat! And the beat can take on many enjoyable tones.

Michael Buble’ Copyright Eva Rinaldi

Music is a language, an art form, and cultural activity that lends itself to unique sounds native to specific countries. Today new artists are narrowing those ethnic gaps by branching out and consciously generating some upbeat and passionate universal music. The fresh new trends in music have a vibrant aura, but color outside the lines enough to create something cool, something different, something exciting. These trends include a harmonic blend between the electronic genre Industrial, Triphop, & Bass Music.

Singer on stage
Copyright Eva Rinaldi

What about rock, is it passe? The new genre of rock fuses elements of Rock, EDM, and Metal. Lots of people dig the music genre Air Pop which combines several elements of ambient, Psy Rock, Pop, and Trip-hop; it’s entrancing, calm, and mysterious.

Whatever your taste in music, it’s kind to appreciate all forms. Music is a blessing. Music has high energy but lowers barriers that disunite people. As Jazz Liberatorz says, Music Makes the World Go Around, and that’s exactly what we need. In the end, it’s all about the beat, the heartbeat of music.

Take a moment and share your favorite genre/s of music below.

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