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iYura Black Gram Face & Body Duo No Tricks Halloween Sale!

If we were to make a list of ‚Äėuncomfortable things‚Äô, high up on the list lies tight, dry, skin with signs of aggressive aging, a problem that becomes all too common for many of us.¬†¬†

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And along with that, your face and limbs need love too, with a hefty dose of moisturizer to keep yourself aging like fine wine!  

And Ayurveda has just the right ingredient, one that has been hidden in kitchen cabinets for years, and is now here to smooth the appearance of your skin and make it glow with softness and elasticity! Enter Black Gram!

iYura Black Gram Face & Body Duo

Prized in Ayurveda for its unctuousness and its extremely nutritious and enriching characteristics,¬†this exotic ingredient steals the spotlight and has rightfully earned the title of ‚Äėtime-turner‚Äô¬†within the Ayurvedic community!¬† Enrich your face and body with these Ayurvedic superstars vitalized by the power of Black Gram’s unguent, rich, thick, intensely moisturizing and strengthening nature to support dry, dehydrated and aging skin!

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On carefully formulating this superstar ingredient along with specific other rare and exotic herbs, it makes for a fine face oil that smoothens the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

This same ingredient, when mixed with a combination of other specific, marvelous herbs, makes for a great body oil that keeps dry and dehydrated skin at bay.

The presence of high levels of proteins and calcium in its ingredients, make this face and body oil pair so special and unlike anything else you’ll ever use for your skin!  

The Black Gram Duo lifts you up, grounds your heart and indulges your face & body in rich, luxurious moisture and youthful bliss!  

Replace all moisturizing creams and serums and toss those anti-aging chemicals out of your dresser –¬†this Ayurvedic Duo¬†is all you’ll ever need

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