iYura Deluxe-Edition, Travel-Friendly, Mini Size Hair Oils

Be it an Ayurvedic newbie, or a long-time ally, you’re going to love what you’re about to see, and read about. 

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Looking at the sheer amount of hair stuck in your drain after a shower, or touching the scalp that feels dry like the Sahara Desert, or discovering that your hair is as fine as a frog’s – make your hair stand on end? (You see what we did there? 😛) 

But just one look at all the expensive synthetic products in the market, and the hoax promises they come polished with, make you wig out? (Oops, we did it again) 

And for these same reasons, we rubbed the magical Ayurvedic lamp, and out of thin (h)air appeared the iYURA genie who placed this in our hands…

Introducing: a Summer-Sky Magical Box of 5 baby-sized Ayurvedic nourishment, to make your hair feel strong, healthy, nourished and happy!

Here’s the catch – 5 bestselling iYURA formulations for the price of just 1 full bottle!

You can now start a new haircare journey or even upgrade your existing one, or travel with them without turning a hair! (We promise, this was the last one!)

No matter what hair concern you may have, you’ll find a valiant defender in this gorgeous box.

500 problems and 5 Mighty-Minis to the rescue! 

  • Finding more hair in your comb, than on your head, these days?   
  • Your dry, mature, thinning hair making you look older than you actually might be, or even be feeling like?  
  • Your hair feels like rough straw, on being touched?  
  • Feel incomplete without that luster and shine that your hair previously carried?  
  • Want to gift your hair an all-natural, appearance-upgrade and doubly strengthened roots too? 

Find the answers to each of these questions in this one, purse-friendly, handy set!

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