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Are you a brave soul when it comes to your hair? Do you dare to color, cut, and curl your locks in styles that raise eyebrows be it consciously or accidentally? Do you abuse your hair with an abundance of styling gel, sprays, and mousse? Does your hair look dull, frizzy, and dry? Well, you’re in good company because most of us treat our hair badly.

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We’re probably never going to stop being impulsive and experimenting with our hair. But, there are awesome ayurvedic products available that will restore, revive and replenish our lovely locks. iYura has several premium hair care products that check all the boxes.

Nidradi Oil

iYura Nidradi Oil is an aromatic head massage oil made from tender Coconut water, Blue Water Lilies, and Chamomile essential oil. Inhale its essence and it will stir your senses. You will experience a systematic cooling down and calming down when you massage your scalp with this oil. Its ultra-nourishing ingredients coat your hair shaft with moisture replenishing nutrients that leave it soft and glowing.

Saromyas Oil

iYura Saromyas Oil is a lovely hair elixir for luster, volume, and sheen. Uplift the appearance of your hair’s density, softness, and vibrant sheen with this traditional spicy 2-in-1 Ayurvedic brew. Experience the potency of hair-reviving herbs like Bhringaraj and naturally moisturizing herbs like Sacred Lotus straight into your scalp in just a few minutes. It’s the perfect oil for anyone looking for just the right amount of moisture, a pure scalp and revitalized energy in the way their hair looks and feels.

Romavi Oil

iYura Romavi Oil is a hair softener and dry scalp quencher. It will convert your hair’s greasiness into soft, smooth, dirt-free and moisturized scalp and tresses with this ancient, all-natural polyherbal haircare formula. Contains Fenugreek, Hibiscus and Bitter Cucumber. When your scalp has become beyond dry, it starts to compensate by producing more oil. This makes the hair greasier, heavier and stickier. Romavi Oil will deep clean and intelligently balance your dry but greasy scalp’s moisture level. It will also add bounce, volume and sheen to your hair.

Brinili High Power Root Concentrate

iYura Brinili High Power Concentrate is an ultra-powerful potion for the scalp and roots of your hair. Infuse your scalp with a power-dose of Neeli, Bhringraj and 4 other heavenly hair herbs that work from the inside. Revive the luster, volume and brilliance in your hair strands with this intense dose of pure nature!

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