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iYura Head-Turner Trio for Luscious Skin & Hair Flash Sale!

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Flash Sale! For just these 24 hours ONLY – you’re getting an extra-special gift-worthy box of our most sought-after skin and hair care products at Flat 12.5% off, only for the next 24 hours – at a never-before-hard-to-believe-price!

When it comes to skincare, most of us want a product that lives up to its claims. I’ve been featuring The Ayurveda Experience products because they do just that. They create nourishing, moisturizing and skin glowing products with pure ingredients. People are noticing differences in the appearance and texture of their skin and they want more. You’re about to lay eyes on the MOST BEAUTIFUL self-care-box you’d have EVER seen… Want to see it? Check it out HERE!

I’m talking about iYURA’s Head-Turner Trio that packs their famous day & night face oils together with their volumizing serum for thinning hair!  

iYura Head-Turner Trio

The oils are already famous for their resounding benefits! But I am totally in awe of this beautiful box. The best possible way to get dewy, round-the-clock radiant skin and visibly voluminous hair, 100% naturally! It’s simple to use but so complex in its methodology. Plus, these 3 little bottles do the work of at least 10 different products.

Use code Lilac10 to get an additional 10% off!!

iYura Head-Turner Trio
iYura Head-Turner Trio
iYura Head-Turner Trio

Use Code: Lilac10 to get an additional 10% off!

It’s safe to say, the more I use The Ayurveda Experience products, the more I love Ayurveda! They are completely and authentically Ayurvedic 100% natural, vegetarian products. Chemical-free, cruelty-free and no preservatives.

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