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iYura Saromyas Hair Elixir! Turn your hair woes into hair wows?

Our locks frame our face and the style we wear says a lot about our personality. When we were younger, our tresses were full and lots of bounce. But now, you may be frustrated dealing with hair that is dry, dull, and thinning compounded with an itchy, flaky scalp. Or maybe, you’re dealing with greasy hair so you overwash excessive with no results. You’ve probably spent an enormous amount of money on high-end brands that promise to restore your hair, to no avail. They were not effective. So what happened?

A lot of the hair products on the market have icky, toxic ingredients that can dry and damage our hair and scalp. So ideally, we want a brand that offers products that rejuvenate, hydrate, and moisturize our scalp and locks. Introducing the new iYura’s, Saromyas Traditional Hair Elixir.

The Ayurveda Experience is overjoyed to announce the launch of their NEW Traditional Hair Elixir that will detect your hair problems and kill them with kindness… (Hello VEGANS!)

Who Should Use the Saromyas Traditional Hair Elixir?

* your head feels dehydrated on your scalp, mane and ends, or your scalp simply feels dry all over
* you have an uneven, rough and bumpy scalp
* you want to improve the health of your scalp and hair 

The conditioner-cleanser combo action of the Byringraj infused hair oils will untangle, smooth, condition, and cleanse your hair and scalp to eliminate a rough scalp and dried out hair and ends.

Saromyas ingredients
  • locked-in hydration in the scalp, hair and tips
  • Bhringraj, a key herb is included in the formula
  • enhanced hair texture for a healthy glow
  • scented with gardenia and rose oils
  • 100% natural Ayurveda ingredients
  • no chemicals, mineral oil, or parabens
  • leaves hair velvety soft and luscious
  • vegan

Use the Saromyas as a ‘2 in1’ oil for hydration and purification. It’s a lightweight oil with a heavy impact. While we naturally moisturize our skin, most of us forget about our scalp. This is where Saromyas will benefit our us, it’s rich in nutrients that will lock moisture on our skin, but without clogging up our pores.

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