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iYura Skinshanti Soothe & Brighten Evening Skin Masque!

The Nightcap Your Skin Really Needs!

Did you know that good skincare is not always just about the skin? It is also about going above and beyond what it is supposed to do.  

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And if there is any kind of skincare that pairs with a bubble bath, or an episode of your favorite TV show, while your skin restores its natural glow, that’d be a targeted evening time face mask!

iYura Skinshanti Evening Masque

Because, let’s face it – not all of us prefer performing the 10-step skincare routine twice a day, every day.

But then again, face masks are also much more than that simple me-time.  

Ayurvedic experts suggest applying a traditional ‘Lepa’ or face mask to cap off your day – one that removes deeply rooted dirt, fatigue, tiredness and any other remnants from the day, so that it supercharges your skin right before the natural restoration process at night kicks in.  

With an Ayurvedic Lepa, your skin undergoes a deep cleansing process (much more efficient than a scrub or a normal cleanser), removing all skin-harming bacteria, and blanketing the skin in its moisturizing, nutritious care!  

And we have got juuuust the thing:

iYura Skinshanti Evening Masque

Fatigued skin? Aging and dullness? Look of redness and discoloration?

This 10-minutes fruity mask, with the crown royal of all fruits, Pomegranate, is here to give you an earthly, evening glow.

  • Flaunt a natural rosy glow because of the deep-cleansing and purifying properties of Pomegranate
  • Firm your skin and free it from the apparent signs of aging
  • Cleanse your deepest pores effectively and remove all debris through an ancient Ayurvedic Lepa in only 10 minutes
  • Brighten your complexion and induce a glow through Ayurveda’s Pomegranate-Mango-Symplocos trio
  • Restore the youthful look of skin aged by constant environmental stressors
  • Deliver a surge of moisture to instantly reveal a porcelain glow
  • Enlive and refresh fatigue skin in the ultimate me-time, after a long stressful day

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