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iYura Vetrivera Plush and Pure Skin Enhancer

Discover this powerful Ayurvedic herb with skin-soothing roots below! Introducing iYura’s Vetrivera Plush and Pure Skin Enhancer.

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Do you know of a grass, which is also an Ayurvedic symbol of calm and tranquility, whose roots can grow deeper than a tree’s? Yes, an incredibly robust species of grass that can thrive in temperatures as high as 122°F and as low as 14°F and is extremely drought-resistant because of its high water retention capacity!

And if that’s indicative of anything, it’s the herb’s resilience and sturdy nature of dealing with the toughest of circumstances. You’d be surprised to know that the resilience of this herb has proven even more powerful in Ayurvedic skincare formulations specially concocted for sensitive skin, for more than 5,000 years now.

Yes, who would have thought the ROOTS of a herb could be the anti-venom for your easily-agitated, reactive skin! 

iYura’s Vetrivera Plush and Pure Skin Enhancer

iYura's Vetrivera Plush and Pure Skin Enhancer for dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin.
iYura’s First-Ever Targeted Face Oil for Sensitive Skin!

How? The ancient Ayurvedic text ‘Bhaishajya Ratnavali’ talks about it having these special properties, when used in a formulation: cooling (calms angry skin), purifying (deep cleanses), hydrating (has high water retention) and toning (tightening).

So much so that, over the years, the essence of this serene yet robust ingredient has come to be known as the ‘Oil of Tranquility’! You may be familiar with this herb’s mind-soothing nature through its mastery within perfumery, and its unforgettable musty aroma, but the world is only waking up to its another unknown side: An Ayurvedic Sensitive Skin Soother!

Revel in the soothing and calming benefits of the Vetiver for skin that has a tendency to get flushed easily or is prone to redness and irritation!

iYura's Vetrivera Plush and Pure Skin Enhancer for dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin.

If you or someone you know has tried a bazillion different face creams and treatments and you still haven’t found the match for your dry-sensitive skin, you and your friends will love this Glow Boosting Skin Enhancer.

This oil is not just another face oil, or regular jojoba oil, or an over-the-counter short-term remedy for sensitive skin! Based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, this oil works to help soothe and calm agitated skin, ease the appearance of uneven spots, provide a clean and clear look and boost a more youthful glow.

Vetrivera Plush and Pure Skin Enhancer is an Ayurvedic face soother with 20 Unique-Soothifying, Sensitive Skin-Friendly ingredients that deeply calm delicate, sensitive, acne-prone skin and make it radiant with a scintillating glow and silky-smooth finish.

Best Suitable for: Sensitive and/or Dry Skin
Aroma: Lemongrass Essential Oil
Texture: Silky, Velvety, Soft
Color: Almost Colorless
Target Concerns: Sensitive, Flare-ups, Uneven Skin Tone, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dryness

  • Powerful soothing ingredients: Vetiver Root, Ashwagandha, Sandalwood, Puncture Vine, Indian Valerian
  • Double-effect moisturization and hydration with buttermilk that lasts all day long
  • Glow-Boosting potion for skin that looks dull from exposure to sensitive-flaring environment
  • Perfect for daily use: Non-sticky, non-greasy, non-staining, extremely light texture
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking young, pure, clearer, smoothed and with a dewy glow
  • Expels the look of discoloration and roughness
  • Diminishes the appearance of the many signes of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and ages spots
  • 100% Natural —No artificial binders, additives, heavy metals

Vetrivera brings the illuminating and soothing benefits of Vetiver together with 20 unique Ayurvedic ingredients that deeply calm dry, delicate or sensitive skin. It purifies and cleanses the skin from within and intensely hydrates and moisturizes at the same time!

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