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iYura’s Wonder-Seed Face Brightening Specialist

Moisturizing, Glowing, Hydrating – We all know the common buzz words used in the skincare industry. And among them features “Brightening” too. 

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Well, let’s break it to you: brightening does not mean lightening or fading or in its most extreme cases, bleaching. It also does not mean blockage of pigment production.  

According to Ayurvedic skincare principles, Brightening simply means striking that much-coveted balance between a dry and oily exterior – in a manner that your skin radiates a matte-like sheen.

It also means bringing life to dull-looking skin and getting rid of those greasy-looking, slicky spots that could have made their way in, over the years…

If you’re interested in this Ayurvedic concept, you’ll be thrilled to meet these Ayurvedic Wonder-Seeds that have made a name for themselves in the skincare industry for rendering a balanced, clarified look to the face!  

In fact, with their recent rise in popularity, we see it as our duty to enlighten you about all the marvels these sensational seeds can offer, especially to the skin. 

From helping manage weight to be the secret behind long and lush-looking voluminous hair, to offering a galore of benefits for skin – These seeds can do it all!  

But this time, they come in a new avatar: A Face Brightening-Specialistto achieve that even-toned, brightened complexion!

Buckle up your seatbelts, because we’re going to introduce you to an Ayurvedic Wonder-Seed Brightening-Specialist!

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