Japanese Knitting Pattern Books

As an avid and addicted crafter, I’m knitting and crocheting all year round. But, as the holiday season approaches, I find myself knitting in high gear to make gifts for friends and family. I don’t like to make the same things over and over, so I’m always looking for new patterns and stitch ideas. I recently found several Japanese knitting books from Tuttle Publishing that are filled with beautiful and artistic stitches that can be incorporated into any pattern.

Japanese Knitting Stitches Dictionary

Japanese Knitting Stitches Dictionary

The Japanese Knitting Stitches book is a detailed stitch dictionary featuring 150 delightful patterns. They range from simple to more complicated expert level stitches. Each pattern will feature a swatch along with a graph. You will not find written instructions for the patterns per se. The graphs have symbols that represent specific stitches. You’ll find the complete Symbol and Abbreviation Directory and Knitting Basics at the back of the book. Some you may be familiar with, others you’ll be introduced to. Some of these include Lace Motifs, Smocking, Openwork Stitches, Color Changing Patterns, Stranded Patterns, Bobbles, Edgings, 3-D and many more.

There are written instructions for each symbol that you can follow to create the pattern. But for visual learners, there is also an illustration section called Knitting Basics that uses diagrams. Once you are familiar with the stitches, you can make any of the included seven projects.
Include Projects
A cardigan with charming crocheted strawberry garland
♥A multi-colored, fringed neck wrap
♥A pair of funky, sculptural arm-warmers—toasty and multi-textured
♥A charming Fair Isle knitted basket bag
♥A pair of fluffy, cuffed mittens
♥An elegant A-line textured wool sweater suitable for any body type
♥A chic Nordic-patterned short coat

Japanese Knitting Stitches will be a valued addition to your craft book collection and a go-to reference and resource book for future projects.

Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible will introduce you to the graceful world of Japanese knitting. It features 260 exquisite stitch patterns that are striking and unique. The book is divided into 7 chapters, A Guide to the Symbols, Lacy Patterns, Overall Patterns and Crossing Stitches, Pattern Panels, Pattern Arrangements, Round Yokes and Edgings.

Each stitch pattern is accompanied by a colored swatch so you can see the end result and a graph. There are no actual written instructions with the pattern itself. The symbol legend is at the front of the book, so it’s a matter of familiarizing yourself with the symbols. Some pattern books will name their patterns, but this book does not, they are just given a number.

Each symbol though is explained either in written form or illustrated explanation in the guide or back of the book, so you are not left perplexed. Each graph shares the number of stitch repeats and rows you’ll need to create the pattern. They also share the symbols for the right and wrong side of the pattern. I personally love working with graphs, it’s simple and a lot faster once you master the symbols. The patterns are detailed and will require some knitting skills. Some are easier to master, while others may take time to learn.

As you peruse the book, you’ll be impressed and in your glory with the vast variety of intricate stitches. Some patterns may look familiar, while most will be fresh new designs waiting to be crafted. Each pattern will inspire you to create new knitting projects for your family. The back of the book has three projects to make, a scarf, a pair of socks and a hat.

Japanese Knitting Stitches, Dictionary of 200 Stitches

Japanese Knitting Stitches, Dictionary of 200 Stitches

If you are an enthusiastic knitter and love creating magic with yarn, then you’ll love the creative patterns in the Japanese Knitting Stitches book. It’s a dictionary, a compendium of 200 gorgeous patterns that offer simple to intricate stitches and techniques. The book is divided into 5 chapters, Knit & Purl, Lace, Cable & Aran, Rib & Twist and Basic Symbols.

Each pattern is shown in a colored swatch that shares information about measurements, stitch count, stitch placement, color placement and shaping. The chart shares information on the direction of each row and the symbols for the right and wrong side only. They don’t show the rows or stitch repeats.

The back of the book contains stitch abbreviations and the symbols. Each stitch shows its symbol along with an illustrative and written explanation on how to achieve it. You’ll also find a list of yarns used to create that swatches. Plus, you can practice the techniques you learned in this book by creating some projects included in the book. These include a mini scarf, lacy scarf, cabled mittens and two-toned socks.

Even though I found this book to have simpler stitches, you still need some basic knitting skills. They are a little easier to learn and master than the previous book featured, but it will require lots of patience and practice. I really love this book, each chapter has lots of lovely patterns that can be incorporated into a number of projects. All three books would make a great addition to your craft library.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.