Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

Growing up in a yarn store, I developed a deep passion for handcrafting with various types of yarns. Knitting is one of my favorite pastimes and I’m always hankering for new patterns and ideas. I love intricate and lacey patterns and was recently introduced to Japanese knitting. Although I’ve seen many lace patterns, none are as delicate and beautiful and those in Japanese knitting patterns.

Japanese Knitting

Japanese Knitting offers patterns that are more refined, dainty, and unimaginable elegant than other lace patterns, but they are extremely difficult to reproduce. It can certainly be a challenge to create these patterns which is why they have been formatted using a chart and symbols. The first eleven pages of the book present the guide to the symbols. Viewing the symbols can feel overwhelming, but as you start using them, you’ll begin to get acquainted with some and recognize what action you need to take to create that specific stitch.

As you fan through the book, you see that each pattern shows the working graph and a swatch example of what the outcome will look like — which I prefer and appreciate. The book is divided into several sections — Lacy Patterns, Overall Patterns, and Crossing Stitches, Pattern Panels, Round Yokes, and Edgings.

Unfortunately, none of the patterns are named. They only have a number assigned to them, so you’ll have to remember which pattern you’re working on. The bottom of each chart has additional information on the stitches used in the pattern. You may have to turn to a different page at the back of the book to get ‘how to’ instructions. At the very back of this book, there is a section on ‘How to Knit These Symbols’, so you can visually see the step and get the gist of recreating the stitches.

You’ll learn how to make popcorn stitches, twisted stitches, edgings and so much more. There are a few small projects to make that are doable, mini scarf, socks, hat, and fingerless mitts. There are some easier patterns, but for the most part, I would say this book is ideal for the experienced knitter. Newbies would find it perhaps too difficult to follow along.

My mom made a swatch of one of the patterns and loved the experience. I steamed the swatch which unfortunately flattened the pretty cables too much. But, intricate patterns and striking garments are achievable and it’s so rewarding to see the finished result. If you’re up for a new challenge, then this book may be right for you.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.