Japanese Origami Kits

The first time I saw an origami piece, I was mesmerized. That these delicate pieces of art were made from paper blew my mind. Origami is the Japanese art form of folding paper into various shapes like butterflies, hearts, flowers, boxes, birds or animals. Ori means folding and kami means paper. Learning this art form requires some finesse, agility and an eagerness to manipulate paper. But, it also requires patience to follow detailed instructions whether you’re making something simple or very complex. Tuttle Publishing has a plethora of origami kits that will walk you through the included projects with step-by-step guidance.

Japanese Origami for Beginners

origami for beginners

The Japanese Origami for Beginners comes with everything you need to venture into the world of paper folding. It includes 72 sheets of 6″ x 6″ colorful plain and printed paper, a user manual, and a DVD. The video is great for visual learners and includes over 100 minutes of instructions. With these supplies, you can create 20 different projects.

origami for beginners

Each of the projects has a strong symbolic meaning. The frog symbolizes good fortune, the crane symbolizes longevity, the Koi symbolizes perseverance and the butterfly symbolizes beauty and budding grace. Some of the projects you will enjoy making is the Sumo Wrestler, Realistic Butterfly, Drinking Cup, and Star Box. Each project includes step-by-step illustrated instructions that you can follow. The instruction book starts you off with easier projects. As you learn different folds, you progress to more challenging projects. They’re fun and the end result is beautiful works of art.

Japanese Origami for Kids

origami for kids

The Japanese Origami Kit for Kids will have children mastering the art of paper folding quickly. Included in this kit are 72 beautifully printed paper, 20 practice dollar bills and an instruction manual. There is enough material to create 12 kid-friendly projects. These include a good luck box, fan, bat, lotus blossom, koi, crane and several more.

Origami for kids

The instruction book starts off with learning the symbol keys and folding techniques. Before you begin any of the included projects, you need to read the ‘What You Need’ box first and gather your supplies. The projects, starting with simple and progressing to more advanced, are explained with colorful illustrations and simple instructions. Kids will improve their dexterity, spark their creativity and enjoy creating stunning pieces of paper art.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.