Jolly Crocheted Ornaments for the Holidays

Decorating for the holidays indubitably gets me emotional when I bring out my storage container full of festive ornaments. Each one has a special memory attached to it that usually gets me all choked up every time I see them. Memories flood back to when I bought, made or was gifted the ornament. While some people like one color or harmonious colors on their trees, I go for the eclectic look and hang ornaments that are significant and sentimental to me.

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Although there are a huge variety of ornaments in stores that are gorgeous, many of them are fragile and end up breaking or chipping over time. So, I prefer and enjoy selecting exclusively designed ornaments and making them myself. I get the majority of my inspiration and patterns from talented designers on Etsy. This year, I found an adorable set of holiday ornaments that I can crochet and will be treasured year after year, by Natalia from RNata Etsy Store.

Crochet Christmas Ornaments by RNata Etsy Store
Photo copyright by RNata

This festive set of ornaments is one of my very favorites. I’ve been a huge fan of RNata Etsy Store for several years because her work is meticulously perfect and her designs are unique and quaint. This set includes four holiday-inspired crochet patterns – Santa, Elf, Reindeer, and a Cupcake – all representing some favorite things about the holiday season.

Crochet Reindeer Ornament by RNata Etsy Store
Copyright photo by RNata
Crochet Elf Ornament by RNata Etsy Store
Copyright photo by RNata

The details of these handmade baubles are enchanting. Where would Santa be without his reindeer? The Reindeer ornaments have precious little two-toned faces, with cute little ears, antlers, and a holly leaf with a berry for decoration. They are just so lovable. The Elf has a sweet little face with a button nose, slightly Spock-light ears, curly hair, and a pointy hat with a holiday design on it. He’ll look so captivating hanging on the tree. The Cupcake ornament is deliciously plump with a cheerful face and peppermint frosting as hair, topped off with a holly berry. What a scrumptious ornament to decorate your home, wreath, and tree with!

Crochet Santa Ornament by RNata Etsy Store
Copyright photo by RNata

The Santa ornament is a great representation of jolly St. Nick. He has a pleasant face with a bushy, curly beard, thick mustache, cute little ears, a button nose, and a red and white stocking cap he is so famous for. He’ll definitely cheer up any space in your home. HO HO HO!

All four ornaments will change the ambiance of your room. You can hang them from your tree, your mantle, or your staircase, add them to your holiday wreath or decorate your desk at work. Or you can make a bunch and give them as gifts to family, friends, co-workers, or your neighbors. The finished sizes are approximately 11 – 15 cm (4.3 – 2″) tall if you use the recommended yarn weight. But, you can also use a worsted-weight yarn if you want to create larger ornaments.

RNata’s patterns are very detailed with full-color, step-by-step tutorials and written instructions that are easy to follow and understand. I’ve always had great success with her patterns. So if you are looking for some holiday inspiration, look no further, these ornaments will amp up your decor. So get out your hooks and yarn and start crocheting! Right not all RNata patterns are 30% off! Happy Crocheting!