Journey Gym – the portable gym!

Journey Gym - the portable gym!

I’m sure many of us made a resolution to get into shape at the beginning of the year. Right!! Have you stuck with it? Did you join the gym, go once or twice and decide you hate/struggle getting up so early in the morning and you’re too tired after work? There is a solution!

Now you can Bring On Your Diva and Bring On Your Strong very easily!! The journey gym is a portable home gym that you can literally take anywhere with you.

The journey gym is a lightweight and durable all-in-one total gym. You will get both cardio and strength training workouts that are comparable to gym equipment except you can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The journey gym is very easy to set up and is explained very well on the DVD included, just follow along. When you open your gym you will see it has two adjustable handles, six legs, and the underside of the resistance bands. You remove the handles, put the legs on, and inspect your bands. Turn it over and you have a sturdy platform base with a rubberized surface to use as a step and workout bench.

Journey Gym - the portable gym!

This mighty mobile muscle maker and metabolism maximizer are marvelous! On all four sides, you will see the resistance bands with a sturdy black loop or connection attached at the end. The orange bands add 5 lbs resistance, the blue 10 lbs, and the green 15 lbs. This is a total resistance of 45 lbs on each side. If this is too easy for you, the resistance bands can easily be exchanged out for different resistance levels or be replaced if needed. To get started you attached the metal carabiner at the end of your adjustable handles to any loop or combination of loops. The handles have a release button which allows you to experience a customizable zero tension starting position.

Journey Gym so you can workout anywhere

The DVD includes a 10-minute and a 20-minute workout alternating between resistance training and step cardio. This combination will keep your heart rate up for the maximum benefit. Even the 10-minute workout will leave you feeling like you’ve had a great workout.

Part of the problem with sticking with an exercise program is, at least for me, getting bored with the same routine. The journey gym offers a unique feature on their site. If you wish you can create your own workout DVD on the journey gym site. Click on the training link and then “create your own video”. You will be shown 70 different exercise clips for you to choose from to create your own unique video workout. Want a focus on a different muscle group every day? No problem! You have control over the exercises, how long the workout is, and the music you want to add. I haven’t seen any other fitness site offer this priceless option. This is a huge plus in my opinion!

Importantly these same training videos can also be used for viewing the proper technique used in each exercise. This will maximize the benefits of the exercise and show you how to safely perform them while preventing any injuries.

I loved the workouts and I could feel where I was the weakest. With consistency, it doesn’t take long for you to build up strength and endurance. At first, I was a little winded doing the 10-minute workout and I had a hard time doing the plank at the end. My core is weaker than I thought but in no time I was able to do the whole minute without shaking or taking a break.

I also love how easy it is to clean and how compact it is. It folds into a nice case where it can be stored easily and taken anywhere. Want to get a small workout on your lunch break? Take it to work with you! Take it on your vacation. It’s a perfect size too if you have a small apartment. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to tone up, do strength training, and avoid high monthly gym bills. Win, win, win!!!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.