Joy, Gratitude and Wellness

As the new year approaches, many of us ponder on the things we want to change and reflect on what we need to improve in our lives. We might make a New Year’s resolution list, but we inevitably write down the same goals and good intentions every year. They’re usually far too lofty, always unattainable and we almost never stick to them. Tradition demands we at least attempt them, but in the end, they are usually a total fail and we go back to our bad habits. Been there, right? Maybe this year it’s time for a completely different approach. If you’re looking for a new way of starting 2019, you may wish to embrace the following wellness books.

A Life of Gratitude

A Life of Gratitude

A Life of Gratitude is a quaint little book that will encourage us to have an attitude of gratitude. It’s sprinkled with whimsical images and thought-provoking quotes that get us contemplating on the things we can appreciate in our lives. It’s also a journal where we can pour out our perceptions and pen our pondering as we go through the exercises within the pages. At the top of some of the pages will be simple but compelling questions that make us dig deep with the goal of being grateful for the little and big things in our world. There are plenty of empty pages for us to release emotions and speak with no inhibition. It’s a pretty keepsake that will allow you to find joy, happiness, and gratitude in the present moment.

Your Brightest Life

Your Brightest Life

Your Brightest Life Journal is like a mentor that will assist you in becoming your best self. Ever get that nagging feeling like you know you’re doing everything you’re supposed to, what your family expects of you and what society demands of you, but you feel something is missing. You feel a disconnection with your own true path — like the saying goes, you turn a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

This savvy workbook is filled with colorful artwork, wisdom drenched phrases, and practical exercises that will inspire you to discover many things unique and exclusive about yourself. From your inner greatness to hidden potentials to your pure authentic self, all will be revealed as you engage in the included prompts and practices.

This journal is divided into seven areas of reflection — Self Awareness, Authenticity, Creativity, Confidence, Resilience, Intention, and Self-Evolution. With lots of free writing space, you can give yourself permission to express yourself openly and honestly. As you go through each section, don’t be afraid to underline, scribble, draw, voice your thoughts, scream, cry — they will all lead to you finally aligning yourself with the real you.

Wellness Escapes

Wellness Escapes

Wellness Escapes is about introducing you to wellness tourism. This is a new concept for me; I’ve never heard of this form of vacations until now. I have heard about health retreats but really didn’t realize it was called wellness tourism, nor did I know where to find these places or understand what they offered. Now this insightful book and treasured resource will expose us to refreshing, revitalizing, and restoring wellness places around the globe. Wellness experts and travel writers share some of the most popular and their favorite wellness resorts, spas, and hidden oasis located around the world.

You’ll see images and read information on a multitude of wellness escapes from yoga treats to groove festivals. The book is broken up into the type of wellness locales offered — Active, Calm, Healthy, Indulged, and Inspired. So the wellness resort you attend will depend entirely on what you are looking to achieve and your health goals. A complete list of all the specific retreats available is featured on the first page of each chapter.

Active retreats include a list of places that offer yoga, outdoor adventures, and fitness classes. This could include hiking, cycling, snow-shoeing, snorkeling, white-water rafting, aqua pilates, watsu, and qigong. Some locations that offer these experiences are Morroco, New Zealand, Tanzania, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Calm retreats encompass yoga, meditation, and being out in nature. Some other activities can include birdwatching, hiking, walking, massage, facials, and mud wraps. Some of these places are located in Cambodia, Croatia, India, and Indonesia.

If you are seeking Healthy retreats, you will enjoy nutrition, spa treatments, and nature. This could also include hydrotherapy, organic cooking classes, bush walks in subtropical rainforests, hiking in the Tyrolean Alps, and experiencing a wood-smoke sauna. Locations are Austria, Finland, Columbia, Germany, Ireland, and Greece to name a few.

Indulged spas and retreats cater to spa treatments, food and drink, and ultimate luxury.  Pampered guests can enjoy aromatic steam rituals, gourmet meals, organic mineral mud wraps, Swedish massage, yoga sessions, and ayurvedic therapies. Travel to Mauritius, Germany, Jordan, Seychelles, Switzerland, and many more places to enjoy these treatments.

Inspired resorts cater to those looking for personal growth, creative classes, and an interest in culture. In brief, some of these places offer a creative art program, calligraphy and Chinese painting, literary classes, mindful meditation, flower arranging, and life-coaching classes. To experience these classes you can travel to Spain, South Korea, Mexico, Greece, France, and Japan.

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