Juice Beauty Organic Stem Cell CC Cream

Our skin says a lot about ourselves. It’s a reflection of our nutrition and emotions and openly exposes them to the world. Stress, fatigue, poor diet, lack of moisture, toxins, etc, change the texture and tone of our skin. All of us would love the radiant skin we had when we were children.

I have tried umpteen different tinted creams and foundations in an effort to even out my skin tone and improve my skin’s appearance. What I’ve found is most of them make me look worse. Many are a heavy cream that accentuates my wrinkles and clogs my pores, alarmingly so! and not to mention have no health benefit to my skin. They also have a greasy feel to them and bleed onto my clothes as well. It’s also a challenge to find just the right color to blend in harmoniously without looking like I’m wearing foundation. And, most of the foundations on the market are not organic so for these reasons I have quit wearing them until I found one that I absolutely love.

Juice Beauty is an organic company that produces high-quality skin care products that actually give us results. I had the opportunity to try Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream. Although it’s not a foundation, it does have color that does a fabulous job at balancing your skin tone. First and very importantly Stem Cellular Repair CC cream is certified organic. It was designed to help repair damaged skin, reduce imperfections, and add moisture while giving you a consistent healthy glow.

The Ultimate Color Correcting 12 in 1 Multi-tasker:

*Repairs damage
*Evens skin tone & texture
*Firms & improves elasticity
*Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
*Creates a radiant, glowing complexion
*Balances skin tone
*Rich in antioxidants
*Protects with chemical-free SPF 30
*Mineral tinted coverage
*Ultimate moisturizer
*Skin perfecting color
*Great for all skin types

I have heard many companies claim their product almost performs magic so I was eager to see how this cream fared. The Stem Cellular Repair CC cream only comes in two universal colors, a natural and a warm glow that is neutral enough to blend in with any skin tone. I have a natural glow. Juice Beauty Natural Glow works best with fair to medium skin tones while Warm Glow is the perfect color for medium to dark skin tones.

I have freckles and blotches of color all over my face. The first time I tried this cream I was really pleasantly surprised. The cream is very lightweight and flows smoothly on your skin. It felt wonderful on the skin and there was no gummy or heavy feeling. I never knew I had it on my skin for the 12 hours I was wearing it. It offers a light coverage that gently evens your skin tone while making my skin look healthier and a little younger. Other products have settled on my wrinkles advertising their existence, but the CC cream offered a healing camouflage.

My skin definitely felt more supple and soft and the color was good for my skin tone. I really like that it has sunscreen coverage. I was also very happy the cream has grapeseed oil which is so beneficial for moisturizing without clogging pores. The CC cream is non-greasy and non-runny so it did not end up on my clothes or hair. I’m just so happy with the results of this little multi-tasking cream, it’s number one with me.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.