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Self-Care Day! A Time to Treasure Ourselves!

Self-Care Day is about celebrating you! I was really surprised to recently learn about Self Care Day. Ironically, I felt it was worth writing about this subject a month ago. Well, it deserves another mention. To me, self-care should be practiced daily, but it’s great that it’s recognized and now July 24 has officially been deemed International Self-Care Day.

personal care, girl meditating out in nature.
Photo by Jared Rice/Unsplash

Self-Care Day is an opportunity for us to focus on our personal needs and learn how to or revisit taking care of our mind, body, and spirit. Some of us have forgotten what it means or feels like to take care of our own needs. Many do not put self-care high on their priority list, but live in default where they come last in their own lives. After all, most of us were raised to put others first, so we simply comply with this selfless act.

As lovely as this act is, what happens when we sacrifice our self-care just to serve others? Does it affect our self-esteem, self-confidence, worthiness, and our ability to feel secure in our own skin? Yes! When we become doormats, we teach people how to treat us and we accept it. But, more and more people, men and women alike are learning to roar and want to address their self-care needs. This doesn’t mean they are being selfish, but are seeking a healthy balance between family needs and their own personal needs.

Empowerment, girl hiking in mountains - Pixabay

July 24th is meant to raise awareness and appreciation about self-care and the huge role it plays in guiding us towards a healthy lifestyle. Self-care means making conscious decisions that enhance and expand our mental, physical and spiritual health. That will mean something different to each and every one of us.

*Eating better
*Positive affirmations
*Getting more sleep
*Getting out in nature
*Hanging out with uplifting people
*Laughing more
*Hug more
*Enjoy your garden
*Play an instrument
*Spend time with your pets
*Taking care of your skin and hair
*Setting boundaries
*Start a gratitude journal
*And the list goes on!

Go deep within your heart and discern what your body and spirit are crying for and address it, embrace it, nurture it and care for it. Celebrate you, it’s your turn!